Low Fat, Peat-Style, Day 4

Small change of plans.  The starches I’ve been eating (rice, specifically) seem to be causing me heartburn.  It’s gotten worse each day – yesterday I needed to swallow baking soda in water 3 times to make it stop.  Today I had only a quarter cup of rice with breakfast this morning and I’ve had heartburn off and on all day.  I guess this suggests somethings still not quite right with my gut.  I’ve been reading Ray Medina’s GERD series, but every time I try to read what might be causing my discomfort I fall asleep.  Seriously, I’m only on the first post in the series and I’ve fallen asleep 3 times reading it.  haha.  Sorry, RM!  You’re pretty brilliant but GERD is boring.

So for now anyway, starches are off the menu.  I don’t think I need them though.  I’ll stick to the other low-fat foods I’ve been eating and be sure to include the carrot salad every day. I’ve been skipping it lately…not so crazy about raw carrots.  But they really do the trick and keep the gut healthy.  I did go and get a bunch of organic garlic too, today.  Between the two things hopefully I can manage to eat starches again sometime.

In other news….I’ve been eating around 20g of fat per day for 4 days now, and the last 2 days my fasting blood sugar has been under 120.  Usually it’s around 135.

That’s it for now.  Bye bye starches.  Again.  It’s like a bad relationship.  We just keep breaking up over and over again.  Alas…those relationships never work out long term.

8 thoughts on “Low Fat, Peat-Style, Day 4

  1. Hmmm, I’ve also had trouble, but only with rice. I’ve been fine with potatoe, occasional organic corn, but rice went through like a Cayenne bomb, lighting up even as exiting if you know what I mean. Wonder why? I’m avoiding rice.

  2. Hm…maybe I’ll give potatoes a whirl and see how it goes. I just happened to have rice lying around, so that’s what I was eating. Good to hear – thanks. 🙂

  3. Hmm GERD indicates still some dysbiosis left. Which get better with carrots obviously. Someone posted a bamboo shoot/shrimp recipe on FB forum. You could try that too when you get tired of carrots. The garlic should have some inulin I suppose. How about avoid starches but take just enough resistant starch to feed the colonic buggers? Can you handle resistant starch now like potato starch?

  4. I had to think about this, so I didn’t respond right away. I can’t do RS, and really don’t see much point in it when inulin and FOS do the same thing. Plus, Peat says there’s a persorption issue with raw potato starch….and, well, I believe what he says for the most part. The post I’m about to write will update on my current status with starches.

  5. Hi Lanie….just wondering if you have ever tried Betaine HCL for heartburn instead of baking soda? For some people (me) heartburn is caused by too little acid, instead of too much. I’ve also been experimenting with Activated Charcoal in huge quantities and having great success at keeping my guts/digestion happy without having to rely on garlic and constant probiotics. Just a thought…

  6. I have not tried HCL because I don’t have any trouble digesting anything else but starches. Meat, fat, sugar, milk, all good. I think I looked into it at one time and people who had low stomach acid usually had trouble digesting meat. So I ruled that out. The heartburn is gone now, after a few days of 1 clove of garlic a day. I don’t know how this all works, but the garlic works, I like eating it, and I don’t stink like garlic for some reason….so I’m just going to continue. I don’t know much about activated charcoal. What does it do, exactly? Thanks for your thoughts!

  7. A quote from Ray Peat from Functional PS: “Systemic metabolic problems make local problems worse, and if a local injury is serious, it can cause the liver to produce stress-related proteins called “acute phase proteins,” including fibrinogen and serum amyloids A and P, C-reactive protein, and other inflammation-related proteins. These proteins are a primitive sort of immune system, that· can directly bind to some harmful substances. Endotoxin absorbed from bowel bacteria is probably the commonest reason for increased production of these proteins. The acute phase proteins contribute to the development of tumors in various ways. For example fibrinogen degradation products are pro-inflammatory. Although these are called acute phase proteins, they sometimes might better be called chronic inflammation proteins, since they are associated with diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.” -Ray Peat, PhD

    Activated Charcoal binds endotoxin and carries it safely out of your body reducing the inflammatory proteins. It binds nutrients too tho, so if you decide to experiment with it, try taking it away from food. I have only tried it a few times, but so far I love the results. It makes my stomach nice and flat, promotes mental well-being (calm peacefulness as well as euphoria), and super deep sleep at night. I take a lot, bought in bulk from amazon, so no capsules. I do 2 heaping TBS stirred into a glass of water a couple hours after dinner. It tastes sort of chalky, but isn’t awful. I find it to be a great add-on to the raw garlic. The garlic kills bad bugs and the activated charcoal mops up the mess leaving nice clean happy intestines…Just a thought.

  8. Very interesting – both the quote and your experience with activated charcoal. Where did you learn about using AC?

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