Rough Day

I felt terrible yesterday.  I attribute it to taking NAC the day before. Nothing else was different.

Why did I take NAC?  Well I decided to take N. Acetyl Cysteine for several reasons.  First, I had a bottle of the stuff I got a while back.  I don’t remember why…I think I was concerned about detoxing estrogen more quickly or something, so I got this as well as DIM and Calcium D-Glucarate, in the interest of helping my liver to function more effectively and eliminating excess estrogen. Well, my “enlarged spleen” is no longer enlarged most days, but I noticed it was back to being enlarged on Monday.  Monday was Day 14 of my cycle – estrogen was probably at its highest and maybe my liver was having trouble detoxifying everything.  I really have quite the fantasy life about processes I know little about.

Anyway, I decided to take NAC on Tuesday.  The next day (yesterday) my lymph nodes were swollen and I became very depressed…just like the pre-garlic days!  Awesome.  I  guess maybe I stirred things up and increased endotoxin in the blood stream or something.  Anyway, it was a complete waste of a day.  I got no work done, I did almost nothing productive, my concentration was terrible and I managed to delete the text of a file I needed for work, I had massive food cravings…just a mess all around. In the midst of my feeling like a squashed bug yesterday I entered “cysteine” into the search box on Ray Peat’s site.  Guess what!  Cysteine, like tryptophan, is anti-metabolic and anti-thyroid.  NICE TO KNOW!

I feel better today but won’t be taking NAC again.  In fact, you know what else?  I won’t be taking ANYTHING again that Ray Peat doesn’t explicitly recommend (exception: dill pickle with liver gets to stay). I’m going full-on Ray Peat Groupie.  Peatarianism.  I’m gonna be a devoted cult following, light-bathing, orange juice guzzling PEAT FREAK. When I do what he says to do I feel great.  When I start second guessing it because of labs or because someone on the internet has some great idea, I lose my footing and feel like crap again.

All you non-Peat internet people, I’m not listening to you anymore!!!

Edited to add….

Ok, I just remembered Ray Medina’s work has been immensely helpful to me as well.  Ok, he’s the only non-Peat internet person who is an exception to my new rule.  Basically if your name isn’t Ray, your authority is suspect!

2 thoughts on “Rough Day

  1. Ha ha ha…see? I told you so….my two Rays of sunshine!!! Garlic, btw, isn’t exactly non-Peat, he just thinks it’s hard on the stomach, which it can be. But it was ENORMOUSLY helpful to me and a key piece to restoring my health. I liken it to Peat’s recommendation of antibiotics for those with endotoxin issues, I just refuse to take more pharmaceutical antibiotics and feel garlic is more broad spectrum with no issues of bug-resistance. Plus, if you have a set-back, you can take a bit more garlic and get things back on track with all things Peaty…been working great for me. I am still steering clear of starches tho, which is more Peatish and less Medina-esque. You GO PEAT FREAK!!!

  2. haha…my two Rays of sunshine! Yeah! I wonder if bugs can grow resistant to garlic. What if Ray Medina’s garlic protocol catches on and independently starts a new garlic-resistant superbug! People will be dying of GRSA! (Garlic Resistant Staffylococcus Aureus)! Italians will be at greatest risk! hahahahahahaha

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