I found out today that I haven’t been taking anywhere NEAR 600mg of magnesium daily.  I’ve been using this powdered bulk supplement, which I’m pretty happy with.  More magnesium = lower blood pressure.  Hooray!  However, today I found this information on the product, and it indicates that the quantity of the product consumed is NOT ANYWHERE NEAR the amount of magnesium consumed.  In fact, the product is only 18% elemental magnesium.  So I’ve been taking about 600mg of the product, which is equal to….108mg of magnesium.  That’s not a lot!

Is it possible magnesium is this powerful!?

I’m going to double the dose today and see how things go.  Maybe my blood pressure issues will be completely resolved if I’m actually taking 400mg of magnesium a day (the US RDA).

I’m also increasing potassium.  I’m going to kick my metabolic syndrome with minerals!

5 thoughts on “Magnesium

  1. I did make the magnesium carbonate. It made me feel sick…like nauseated sick. And the taste was like…bad tap water. I just can’t do it. Some people love it though and have been raving about the effects on the RP facebook pages. Here’s the recipe for anyone interested in trying it:,d.aWw

  2. Hm…I do drink some mineral water, but between OJ, milk, and coffee I find I don’t really want to add any more beverages to my daily intake. The supplement is easy, doesn’t taste terrible, and I just wash it down with OJ a few times a day, along with the niacinamide and aspirin.

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