Recent Wins and Fails

Hm….It seems it’s been a week since I’ve written anything!

Time for an update post.  This will be disjointed and possibly rambling.  I just haven’t been struck by the literary genius lately.

  • Depression is still gone.  Yay for garlic!  If I wouldn’t have been screwing around with starches (a la the Perfect Health Diet and the Resistant Starch craze) I wouldn’t have needed it. But I did. So I did.
  • I’ve eliminated starches again…not because I have to but because I want to.  It’s time for me to get serious!  I can’t be dilly dallying around any more!  Ray Peat says starches aren’t optimal food, so I’m done with them for a while. Plus someone on the internet told me he fixed his high triglycerides by eliminating starches…and I believe everything I read on the internet.  So I’m in!
  • I’ve increased my magnesium supplementation from 200mg/day to 600mg/day in the last few days.  My blood pressure has dropped 10 points.  I’m going to keep increasing and see if it improves further.  I figure I’ll get up to 1g a day, and if things aren’t better I’ll drop back to where I am now.  Blood pressure today was 138/88.  Yesterday it was 132/76.  Crazy low for me!  I took it 3 times to make sure it was right.  By the way, I stopped taking my blood pressure medication 5 days ago.  I’m done with it.
  • Still taking niacinamide and aspirin 3 times a day.  I find it very relaxing.  My pulse dropped into the 70s from the 80s when I started that.  I attribute that to reduced stress hormones (thanks, niacinamide).
  • I’ve had some real culinary FAILS lately.  I tried making liver pate using beef liver.  So awful.  I tried making pancakes out of 1 banana and 2 eggs…cuz I saw it on the internet. It tasted like a flat hot banana.
  • A culinary WIN today.  This video:

I never liked fruit much (and perhaps this contributed to my current state of poor health).  But through sheer will and determination I’ve found a few items I can tolerate.  Watermelon is one of them.  I actually really like it.  OJ also….excellent.  Grapes can be good too.  The rest of them…ok in a smoothie, and that’s about it.

  • Another culinary WIN, learned today.  I figured out how to eat liver without gagging.  For a while there I was eating it raw.  Sounds gross, but actually much easier for me than chewing it cooked. It was the perfect way to avoid both the taste and the texture of liver. Then I learned that there are some pathogens (e. coli, for example) that can survive being frozen, so I stopped eating it raw.  The last couple of weeks I’ve just choked it down.  But today I decided to eat it with pickles.  Crunchy, strong-tasting Vlassic dill pickles.  Every bite of liver has a pickle companion.  Like this:


The pickle completely kicks the liver’s ass!  The crunch and sharp pickle taste overpowers the liver’s ick!  I’m not afraid of you anymore, Liver!

Hm….what else…I guess that’s about it.  No starches, yes fruit and honey.  Yes magnesium.  Yes pickles and liver.  I guess that about covers it.

Till next time!

6 thoughts on “Recent Wins and Fails

  1. Excellent. BP down without meds. Its the serotonin I tell ya. You dont believe me 🙂 Who doesnt like any fruit? Um mango ice cream hello….

  2. Probably work together. Endotoxin inflammes the intestine and then it dumps serotonin into the bloodstream. You should recheck levels in a few weeks.

  3. I’m probably not going to retest serotonin… The test is expensive and I was ordering the wrong one (whole blood vs serum), so comparison would probably be meaningless. Don’t you think?

  4. Interesting what you say about starches, Laine. Have you eliminated everything including potatoes? Peat says this is an acceptable starch. I too feel better without all the starch and flour products – hard on the gut to digest, plus those pesky anti-nutrients aren’t worth it. Also, too many starches on top of a high carb diet makes me FAT!

    I haven’t had time yet to read all your blog but look forward to this week. I’m interested in how you tackle depression…. I’m sure if I continue reading i’ll uncover your methods. 🙂

  5. Hi Emma! Yes, I’ve eliminated everything starchy, including potatoes. I find it harder to maintain a reasonable blood sugar when I eat starches – I have pretty serious insulin resistance, bordering on type 2 diabetes. I love potatoes though – if I didn’t have blood sugar problems and weight to lose I’d have no problem eating potatoes. The approach to depression isn’t Peat-approved, but it really worked for me. And quickly. I don’t know if you want to read my whole blog…you could just skip forward to October 2013 when I discovered Peat. Otherwise there’s lots of information on what DOESN’T work! haha.

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