The Great Garlic Experiment – Day 7

I should update on my abdominal issue – the one for which I’ve scheduled an ultrasound for the end of the month.  I put it off till then, hoping the Great Garlic Experiment might cause a shift of some kind making it unnecessary.

This issue has been going on for months.  Back in April I ordered labs because I was worried this pressure up against my left ribcage might mean my spleen was enlarged, which can indicate liver problems, leukemia, lymphoma, and other problems.  My labs were fine though.

Then I became concerned my pancreas was having problems – after all, my blood sugar has been high and my triglycerides were over 500.  I convinced myself that my symptoms were an early sign of pancreatitis.

Not long after that I became convinced I had pancreatic cancer, and tested myself for CA 19-9 – a blood marker that can indicate the presence of tumors and/or cancer.  I did not have an elevation of CA 19-9.  Probably no cancer.  Relieved.

But still…what’s with this THING in my abdomen?

This week there has been a huge improvement.  I didn’t feel it at all today, until I lay down on my back for about a half hour – after a while I could feel it a little bit.  A week ago, lying on my back was so uncomfortable that I just didn’t do it.  Now I can do it easily, and the internal pressure is 95% improved.  It’s almost gone.

I think I actually do/did have an enlarged spleen.  I’m not sure what the relationship of the spleen is to the bacteria in my gut.  The pressure got greater on day 2 of the Great Garlic Experiment when the rest of my lymphatic system seemed to be swollen and tender, and it’s almost disappeared since then.  Maybe my liver was just overburdened by endotoxin, and now things are flowing more smoothly.  Anyway, I’ll be canceling that ultrasound.

I think I’ll continue the garlic for a couple more days – maybe twice a day – until I can’t feel the pressure anymore.

4 thoughts on “The Great Garlic Experiment – Day 7

  1. Yeah, good point. Actually I think I will just keep going. Yesterday I had it twice. That seems to be a good pace.

  2. See no reason to rock the boat if its going steady. Change only one variable at a time so you are not adding confounding factors like gluten and stuff.

  3. I’ll be continuing to avoid gluten. No one I respect thinks anyone should be eating it, and I believe them. But I agree – change one thing at a time. Slow. Steady. Methodical. Boring. hahaha.

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