The Great Garlic Experiment – Day 1

Family stuff this morning, got home around 4PM, and took my first dose of raw, organic garlic soon after.  So far, 8 hours later, I feel almost completely….

…the same.

I do, however, feel a little tiny itch deep in my left ear.  Candida dying off?  A long shot.  But maybe!  I also have a tiny sore-throat feeling, like I’m getting sick.  Herxheimer reaction?  Hm…hard to say at this point.

Ray Medina does not recommend taking doses of raw garlic before bed because digestive upset may ensue and then sleep would be disrupted.  Ergo, I’ll be continuing the GGE (great garlic experiment) tomorrow….one good dose after each meal.

I hope to feel ill by tomorrow night.

In other news, I’ve been thinking a lot about my experiments over the last 6 months using the principles recommended by Dr. Ray Peat.  So far they haven’t seemed to work very well for me, as far as bettering my health, and while I felt MUCH BETTER doing the things he generally recommends, my labs were still unacceptable.  A week or two ago I was close to just moving on, finding the nearest diabetic cookbook, and just curling up in the corner with some dry rice cakes.  It occurs to me now though, that perhaps it was a bit arrogant of me to think I could torture my body in many ways for many years, and expect Peat to fix me in a matter of months.  I broke my metabolism and my ability to effectively store glucose, via years and years of low-carb/yo-yo dieting.  OF COURSE my body is going to act shocked when I dump a bunch of sugar and salt all over it.  Perhaps I need to just ramp it up a bit.  Go a bit more slowly.

So that’s what I’m doing.  This blog might be really boring.  No more fireworks.  No more exploding pancreas.  No more triglycerides you can point to and think, “Whew….glad I’m not THAT BAD.”  It’ll just be me taking things slowly, gradually testing to see if my tolerance to different things has changed.  Maybe a boring graph here and there, hopefully showing very gradual but sustained progress.  Geez, I’m bored just writing this paragraph.

Then again, maybe the garlic thing will become exciting.  Stay tuned for the GGE – Day 2, coming up tomorrow.

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