Too Tired

I’ve become too tired, and things are just getting worse.

My blood pressure has been high periodically throughout the day:

  • 6:45AM – 146/99
  • 8:45AM – 134/86
  • 1:21PM – 140/89
  • 3:00PM – 149/95
  • 8:00PM – 167/109


I can’t screw around with this anymore.  I’m going back on the beta blockers, full dose.  I’m making an appointment with the doc, and I’m sure I’ll be on several medications within a week.  I don’t care anymore.  This has consumed my life long enough, with NO payoff.

I’m done with the woo woo internet health crap.


4 thoughts on “Too Tired

  1. Have you gained a lot of weight recently? If so, losing some can bring blood pressure down. Good luck!

  2. I’d love to lose weight but struggle immensely with hunger when I cut calories. Any advice is welcome.

  3. Here are some approaches that have worked well for a lot of people:
    Dr. Glen Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet
    Paul Jaminet’s Perfect Health Diet
    Kat James’ modified-paleo approach (her book is The Truth About Beauty)

    Also, doing a juice fast (potentially with some element of colon cleansing) has helped many people to re-set their taste buds, reduce or eliminate inflammation, and get rid of any excesses in the body. The problem is people do this, go back to unhealthy diets, then go back to juice fasting, etc, and of course it would be better to just do the juice fast and then stay on a healthy diet.

  4. Thanks, Martin. I did try Jaminet’s approach, but I can’t tolerate starches at all. They make me very depressed…I’m not sure why. I’ll look into the others. I appreciate it.

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