No more salt.  High blood pressure, and it makes it worse.

No more sugar.  Diabetes, and it makes it worse.

No more progesterone.  High blood pressure and it makes it worse.

No more orange juice.  High triglycerides and it makes it worse.

I’ll keep the liver, the dairy, the vitamins and minerals.  Thanks for those, Ray Peat.

I’m back to eating a low carbohydrate diet.  It’s nice to have stable blood sugar for the first time in over 8 months.  Will my thyroid suffer?  It certainly will.  But I probably won’t die from being hypothyroid.  At least not this week.  I’m much more concerned about my blood pressure, blood sugar, and trigs…all of which are much worse now than they were when I started following Peat.

I’m focusing on nutrition this time around though…I won’t be eating a meat-heavy diet the way I did last time I did low-carb. This time I’ll be tracking in Cronometer for a while to ensure I meet most of my nutrients every day.  I’ll be eating a lot of vegetables.  Maybe some fruit….but probably not much.

Dear everyone I ever preached to about health,

I was wrong.  Sorry.  I’ll shut the hell up now.



27 thoughts on “Disillusioned

  1. You like swinging for the extremes. Find a happy medium not so much sugar that you cant handle and not too low that puts you back in the hole. If you are going to try meds try something in the direction of increasing dopamine reducing serotonin and approved for diabetes like cycloset or something.

  2. The sugar-heavy diet has been exhausting for me. Unstable blood sugar sucks. When I eat some sugar – say, a glass of orange juice – even if I ate 700 calories of protein and fat with it – I’m hungry within 2 hours. Yesterday I ate 86g of carbohydrate and didn’t feel hungry once. It was really nice. If I saw ANY indication that eating sugar was benefiting me somehow I’d keep some of it in my diet. I have yet to see that. Sugar did make me feel happier for a while, but it doesn’t anymore. I’m done with it.

    I’d rather not take meds for diabetes and control it with diet instead.

  3. Ok, bottom line it for me because I’m not getting it. Paxil increases available serotonin. Are you saying I need more serotonin? Or are you just saying there’s a connection between hot flashes and serotonin? It makes much more sense that my hormone levels are naturally shifting over time – I was close to menopause when my FSH and LH was tested a couple years ago. I’m probably just there now.

  4. I am saying serotonin may have something to do with hot flashes and maybe just raising progesterone is not enough. Maybe take a shot at cyproheptadine at bedtime or something like that. So the resistant starch is not doing anything for your sugars yet?

  5. I have read your entire blog with great interest, we have traveled a very similar path you and me. I hope you decide to severely restrict your PUFA intake. It isn’t a quick fix and it might take a few years of restriction, but I do believe it will help your metabolism in the long run.

  6. Thanks for hanging in there with me! I have severely restricted PUFA intake already – now I consume 4g or less most days, mostly from eggs. My saturated fat intake far outweighs PUFA. I agree that this is very important.

  7. 86 gms is not bad. Definitely will keep you out of ketosis. I think PHD is like 100 gms?

  8. I’m not opposed to Cyproheptadine, but I feel pretty good just not eating starches and eating a daily carrot. I don’t want the side effects from the medication. Also, I wrote to Peat and asked him if Cypro reduces the PRODUCTION of serotonin or if it just changes how the brain synthesizes it. His answer:

    “Foods like chicken consomme and ox-tail soup, with a lot of gelatin, help by reducing the amount of the precursor, tryptophan. Raw carrots or boiled bamboo shoots, by slightly disinfecting the bowel, help to lower serotonin.”

    I interpret this to mean that Cypro does not actually reduce the amount of serotonin produced in the body – it just alters the way the brain uses it. I’m instead eating lots of broth and daily raw carrots and I’m feeling pretty good. I see no reason to add a prescription medication right now, when all signs point to this being an estrogen/progesterone problem. I appreciate the help though, as always. 🙂

    Regarding resistant starch, I stopped that. Had to, it was making depressed all the time. I’ve concluded that for one reason or another (lacking enzymes perhaps) I can’t digest starch easily, and it causes me mood problems, possibly as a result of increased serotonin. I wrote a bit about it here: https://sanscarbs.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/updates-5/

  9. That’s very good to hear….how much do you know about endotoxin? I am beginning to think it is responsible for many, if not all, of the symptoms of metabolic syndrome. Have you read any stuff by Ray Medina?

  10. I’m aware of Ray M but haven’t read much of his stuff yet. He looks very smart, but I recently read this article, in which he talks about the reasons one’s cholesterol might be high:


    I was very surprised that of the many he listed, hypothyroid wasn’t one of them. It seems an obvious reason for high cholesterol after reading Peat, no? That in itself makes me wary of him.

    As for endotoxin, I’m aware of it too, but don’t know a whole lot. Do let me know if I’m wrong about RM, or if I’m missing something important about endotoxin.

  11. Looks like mostly reasonable stuff. Hes no fan of endotoxin neither is Ray Peat. However I havent been able to reduce serotonin so far with raw carrots, gelatin, probiotics etc I was hoping the resistant starch would get you somewhere. Have you tried the inulin FOS? I will give it a try and let you know.

  12. How are you able to tell if your serotonin is reduced? By the way you feel or by blood test? I have read that there are different ways of assessing serotonin levels.

  13. I read the post by Ray Medina that you provided with the link and copied this from the article:

    “A final reason, and one that underlies all causes of cholesterol dysregulation, is an increase in inflammation. Atherosclerosis is consistently associated with higher levels of tumor necrosis factor-a (TNF-a), interleukin 6 (IL-6), and C-reactive protein. TNF-a and IL-6 are inflammatory cytokines and C-reactive protein is a marker for inflammation. In persons with this pattern, LDL and triglyceride levels are elevated in relation to HDL. (7) TNF-a, and especially IL-6, are also associated with low-thyroid function or hypothyroidism which itself is a risk factor for heart disease, not to mention obesity. (8)

    The increase in levels of LDL cholesterol and triglycerides coupled with decreased levels of HDL are a sign of bacterial translocation from the gut. Cholesterol is not the cause of this problem, it’s merely responding to the endotoxemia.”

    So yes, he did mention hypothyroidism as a cause for cholesterol dysregulation…and if I recall correctly, you do have elevated C-reactive protein a marker for inflammation.

    Just wondering if/how endotoxin escaping from the gut might factor into your health issues…and mine too.

  14. Meme – OK, so according to RM, TNF-a and IL-6 are markers that show up in heart disease and also show up in hypothyroidism. However, Peat says that hypothyroidism is a CAUSE of high cholesterol, and recommends thyroid supplements to bring cholesterol down (and this is successful according to others I’ve discussed this with). It just seems to me of his listed causes this should be on the list. Personally, I don’t think hypothyroidism is my problem given that my temps and pulse are already higher than normal and my cholesterol/trigs/CRP are still high. I think underlying inflammation is probably my problem – and I’ve been trying to determine the source of the inflammation. I’m not sure how to diagnose problems with endotoxin. Any clues? As long as I avoid starches and eat a raw carrot daily I feel good and my bowels are seemingly happy. Maybe I just need to do that for a really long time. 🙂

  15. N2P – I haven’t tried FOS, but given that it’s a starch I don’t think I’ll be trying it. The depression that results from starches isn’t worth it – I’m done experimenting with them for now. Let me know how it goes for you!

  16. Meme – one other thing about PUFAs – I agree they should be minimized, but I find that adding more vegetables necessarily means increasing them somewhat. I’m likely to be over 4g/day going forward, but I’ll be keeping it as low as I can.

  17. I think if your only source of PUFA is from vegetables you are absolutely fine as those seem unavoidable. I do think your health issues are driven by underlying inflammation. If your temps and pulse are fine and you are not constipated, tired, cold all the time, hair falling out etc. then I wouldn’t mess with thyroid meds. Controlling blood sugar is important. I personally don’t do well with starches either, I don’t eat them. Losing weight will help with hypertension, cholesterol and triglycerides. All of those markers completely normalized for me when I lost 60 pounds. Unfortunately the only way I was able to lose weight was through calorie restriction and simple exercise (walking, rebounding, etc.) so nothing new there. I wish I knew more about endotoxemia and could give you solid advice, but I am just learning about it myself. I do think we can alter our gut flora by the food choices we make, I just don’t know if probiotics/prebiotics help, RM seems to be convinced that they do. I think both RP and RM have both shown that a diet too high in fat (even saturated fat) will result in LPS getting out into the blood and cause systemic problems….totally bums me out as I love butter, cheese etc.

  18. Calorie restriction and walking….sounds about right. That’s all that’s ever worked for me in the past too. How much fat do you think is appropriate? 20% of total calories? 30%?

  19. THAT is the magic question! I personally feel best when I get 80 to 100 grams of protein. I used to eat A LOT more fat and lower carbs, but I had health issues while low carbing. So I switched it up and ate less fat and a LOT more carbs, which brought on a whole new set of health issues. I am muddling my way through trying to find the magic number/ratio. For weight loss I do eat waaay less fat, around twenty grams a day, but that can fluctuate a bit either direction…mostly just what I naturally get from meat/fish. I no longer eat chicken skin and trim fat off lamb etc. I use a tiny bit of coconut oil in cooking, but that’s about it. It is boring having veg with NO butter and no cream in my coffee or tea, but the pounds come off and so that’s what I do. The rest of my calories come from healthy whole food fruits and veg carbs, absolutely NO starch. I am having a time with blood sugar too, I am ignoring the glucose monitor right now….sorry I’m not more helpful.

  20. Wow…I could have wrote what you just wrote. But I guess you know that. 🙂 Well, except for the part about 20g of fat. Seriously…how? I would love to know what your daily diet looks like. What do you have for breakfast?

  21. Its just about going slow. A lot of people dont have an easy time because of the damage they have put up with. You didnt mislead anyone. I have helped so many people with this information and stopped so many disease states including reversing my mothers cataracts. Take a breath and relax. The numbers wont hurt you just take it easy on your self. Mental break time 🙂

  22. Thank you, Rodney. I might be back at some point. Thanks for having the group available for people to learn from each other.

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