Starch Madness…Over and Out

I’m done with eating starches for a while.  In the last couple of weeks my daughter has started to express more anxiety and needs constant reassurance.  I think she’s hearing my negative, anxious talk and internalizing it – I’m inadvertently teaching her that the world is a scary and dark place, because that’s how it often feels to me lately. Or maybe I’m scaring her, being so emotionally up and down.

I’m going back to eating sugars for carbohydrate.

Screw my labs. I miss being happy.

2 thoughts on “Starch Madness…Over and Out

  1. Lanie, sorry if this is a dumb question, but may I ask if you have the same problem with legumes and/or bananas that you do with other starches?

    I’m wondering if it’s the starches that aren’t letting me lose the weight that I’ve gained on a Peat-inspired diet, because I’ve been experimenting with slight caloric restriction, and yet the scale seems to be slowly but steadily increasing. I’m going to try joining you again with the starch restriction. I’ll let you know if I survive the morning.

  2. Not a dumb question at all. I haven’t eaten legumes in a couple years – beans always gave me gas so I’ve just always avoided them, and peas/peanuts were never my thing. I also haven’t eaten many bananas in the last couple years, now that you mention it… I did have a banana today though and it seemed to be ok. I wasn’t losing weight on a starch-free diet either. I’m kinda clueless.

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