High Carb Low Fat – Day 3

Today’s Cronometer breakdown:


Seems like I always eat within about 100 calories from day to day.  Ok…so how did I do?  Carb:Protein ratio was 2:1.  Calcium:Phosphorus ratio was almost 1:1 (about 200mg shy on the calcium end, 2219mg of calcium and 2448mg of phos.)  I could supplement to make up the difference there but last time I took a calcium supplement my stomach did lots of weird things for a couple hours.  Apparently calcium carbonate is hard to digest.  I may try it again sometime, but for now I’m trying to keep these guys in balance with food. Fat…a little too high…trying to stay under about 50g.  I think I’ll need to stop with the grass fed ground beef for a little while.

I’ve decided to up my niacinamide dose from 100mg 3x a day to 250mg 3x a day, and see how that goes.  Concerned parties who shall remain nameless made an excellent case for increasing the dose, including something along the lines of, “Your labs are pretty bad. You need more drugs.”  Anyway, more niacinamide. If I tolerate this increase well I may even increase further.  Why not?  My labs seem to indicate I’m at death’s door anyway.  May as well experiment!

2 thoughts on “High Carb Low Fat – Day 3

  1. Looks like you can handle dairy now! Just use greek yogurt with the grassfed beef. When you spend the money might as well enjoy it. Chicken breasts get boring fast.

  2. Yes, can definitely eat dairy now – I haven’t used my inhaler in months. I actually don’t mind chicken – it’s boring but it’s my kind of boring! haha. I should avoid it because nutritionally there’s more wrong with chicken than right with it, but my options are limited.

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