Depressed (Updated)

Depressed today.  Ate starches several days this week.  I’ve been feeling dull the last few days, and today it’s full-on depressed. I’m sure it’s because of the starches…because this is what happens.  But you know what?  I’d really like to be able to eat a slice of home-cooked gluten free bread now and then without it having such a dramatic effect on my mood.  I’m tired of having to stick to such a restrictive diet in order to feel ok.

After reading this post over at Free The Animal, I’m asking myself if my current restrictive diet (basically just dairy, coconut oil, butter, meat, eggs, fruit, juice, seafood (1x a week), liver (1x a week), and sometimes chocolate) is really just symptom management.  I feel great when I’m able to stick to it for a string of consecutive days, but eating the same 9-or-so things is monotonous and isolating.  I don’t feel like I can eat at restaurants or sit down to meals with my family, because most often I’m having something weird like juice and cheese for dinner.

Again, though – I feel great when I can stick to this.  But as I’ve said before, a diet is only as good as your ability to stick with it long term.  I can’t stick to sweet drinks and cheese for the rest of my life.

So I’m wondering if my gut needs some serious help.  Why the hell can’t I eat regular foods and still feel ok (and by regular foods I don’t mean the Standard American Diet – I mean a daily serving of gluten-free bread, potatoes, or a salad).  I don’t want to get into the details of my bowel health or function, but things in that department are inconsistent, and depend greatly on eating raw carrots.  Miss a day or two of those and I’m not doing well.

I’m considering doing a Metametrix GI Effects test, to test for digestive system problems.  Unfortunately you need a doc to order it, and my insurance covers NOTHING unless I’ve had greater than $12,000 worth of illness in one year, so we’re looking at probably $600-700 dollars, between doctors visits and testing.

Hm….the tax man just took all my money.  Maybe I’ll just continue on, avoiding things that trigger symptoms.

Back to no starches.  Maybe I’ll feel better by Monday.


It occurs to me that I should really put some effort into learning how to cook with the few ingredients that make me feel awesome so I can learn to tolerate a restrictive diet.  I’ll share the recipes I come up with.

13 thoughts on “Depressed (Updated)

  1. Hmmm I had asked you what would happen if you did a colon cleanse. That article is interesting. Poor gut bacteria the reason you cant handle potato starch? Raw carrots have plenty resistant starch by itself. How about clean out the suckers and take that probiotic listed?

  2. How do you feel with some potatoes? Peat calls them almost perfect food. Should have enough starch in them to feed the suckers I think.

  3. LOL at “the suckers”.

    I’m thinking about trying the SBO probiotic that “Nancy” took. It’s had good reviews. Potatoes, like other starches, feel great in the moment and then make me feel dull the rest of the day and depressed the next day. I have a very sensitive digestive system. It wasn’t always this way.

  4. Hmmm yes. Similar situation for me but not as bad. Carrots never give me trouble though which lines with the Peat view. I think you might be onto something here. Not sure if you really need to cough up the money for the test. You know its going to look bad dont you? Flush out the system and use the probiotic and see if you can handle some starches afterwards. Until then stay on the plan. This is the first time in like years you had been doing/feeling well. Until the past few days I suppose.

  5. LOL its what you would do for a colonoscopy prep for example. I should try it myself when I have a few days off.

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  7. Lanie, I am new to your blog, but reading this post reminds me of myself a while back. Have you tried red light therapy or niacinamide? I implemented this into my regimen and got significant energy gains back in Dec…

  8. Hey TF – Welcome. I actually use red lights a few times a week for about an hour each. I tried Niacinamide but didn’t really notice anything one way or another. And I guess I should mention, I was depressed for one day. I’m fine again. Thank you so much for your advice – please feel free to offer more as the impulse arises!

  9. Hm…thanks for sharing, Edward. I don’t have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome though. Maybe I’m interpreting your link too literally? I know there’s research supporting the role that various gut bacteria play in various disease states, as well as healing from them. I’m interested in all that, but experimenting on my gut tends to make me absolutely miserable for several days, and I just don’t have time for that. When I’m not eating starches I feel great and my digestive processes are excellent. I’m happy with that right now.

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