HSLFDE – Day 4 (Updated)

I couldn’t wait till later to post because I was really excited.  My fasting blood sugar this morning was 106!


The last time it was that low was 12/10/13 – About 4 months ago, and then for only one day.  My average that week was 127.

I did wake up at 3:00AM last night, completely ravenous.  I got up and ate some vanilla yogurt, and then did my glucose blood test 5 hours later at 8:00AM.  I think I need to eat more carbohydrate during the day.  Folks in my Ray Peat Facebook group recommend a ratio of about 3:1, carbs/protein.  Currently mine is less than 1.5/1.  Will continue to experiment.

Update, 10:12PM:

My Cronometer stats for today:

  • Calories: 1851
  • Protein: 142.6g (32.3%)
  • Carbs: 223.3g (45.9%)
  • Fat: 45.3g (21.7%)

My overall fat % is higher than I’d hoped today because I was planning on eating more carbs this afternoon/evening but I find myself with some sort of gastric upset, so don’t want to eat more.  *Sigh*

In the near future I’ll start sharing exactly what I’m eating to a greater extent, as it seems some people are curious.  Right now I’m phasing out non-Peat-y food items gradually and focusing on keeping things low-fat.  I’m not a glowing example at this point of the right way to eat or live, and I don’t want people to interpret my current food log as an endorsed path to wellness.  If there are specific questions though, please feel free to ask in the comments or via email.

4 thoughts on “HSLFDE – Day 4 (Updated)

  1. Sure – Yesterday I ate the following carbs:

    20 oz orange juice (64.5g carb)
    3 oz cheese (3.3g carb)
    29 oz skim milk (40.8g carb)
    3.5T honey (60.6g carb – in coffee)
    2 oz Honey smoked ham (4.1g carb)
    6 oz yoplait yogurt (32.4g carb)
    2 oz marshmallows (46.1g carb)

    I realize not all of these foods are Peat approved – as I said I’m gradually shifting away from things like ham and flavored yogurt and toward fruit and milk.

    Hope that helps!

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