Too Much B6 and Weight Training

I learned this week that vitamin B6 increases serotonin.  That’s why I was depressed last time – not because of estrogen, but because of serotonin.  I think I’m going to have to pay more attention to my specific symptoms.   Sore breasts = estrogen.  Crying non-stop = serotonin.  In any case, 10mg of B6 is a good dose, according to Peat (sorry, I don’t have a reference for this, but I know he said it).  I was taking 200mg.  20x too much!  Yeah…no more.  As soon as I stopped taking B6 and DIM my mood returned to it’s (now) much higher baseline.  I’ll probably experiment with lower doses in the near future, as I understand B6 can lower prolactin and is a dopamine agonist (more dopamine = more sex drive, more happy thoughts).

I’ve started a resistance training program at my gym.  Had a program designed for me by a trainer, and I’ll be lifting 3x a week for about 45 minutes.  Considering that my goals include weight loss (50-60 pounds, ideally), she’s also got me tracking what I eat and she has recommended 20 minutes of cardio on the days I lift, and 45 minutes any other day I come to the gym.  I am currently trying to strike a balance between Peat’s recommendations and those of the trainer.

For the last 2 days I’ve been eating 1700 calories per day – that’s actually more than she recommended, but it’s what I can do.  This would be a lot easier if I were eating starches…but I’m not.  Starches (if you’ll recall) do a good job of keeping me full but they also make me lethargic and sometimes depressed.  This may get easier…I’ll stick with it for now.  I’m trying to eat all Peat-friendly foods to support my metabolism, but after 1 workout and 2 days of lower-cal eating my morning temp and pulse are already dropping (Previously around 98.4/86 and now 97.9/75).  I’m going to continue to track, but also keep an eye on symptoms.  Worst case scenario I’ll lift weights, eat more, and lose more slowly.  I’ll get there eventually.  I just want my clothes to fit again.  Now.

3 thoughts on “Too Much B6 and Weight Training

  1. Weight training too stressful for you? Long walks maybe? Or keep exercise same but add more orange juice to see if its the body reacting to lower calories.

  2. I really want to lift weights – I used to be pretty muscular and now I can tell my muscles have atrophied quite a bit. I may just need more juice/sugar than I’m currently getting on this diet. I’ll play around with it.

  3. Yeah I am sure. Peat said in one of his interviews that after the thymus is caanibalised the muscles are next under stress. Women can have biceps the size of a pencil.

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