Gut Health Update

Last time I took probiotics was when I was trying to do The Plan.  The author of the book recommended a good probiotic, and I went out and got one.  I took them for 2 days, and they made me feel terrible – TMI, but I was in the bathroom a lot.  I stopped taking them but kept them in the refrigerator for the last 4 months, hoping to use them at some point because they were really expensive – like a dollar a pill or something.  I mean, they were like the Rolls Royce of probiotics.  I figured I wasn’t up to the probiotic challenge, but didn’t think about it too much.  This was after my first round of antibiotics, but oddly I didn’t connect the two.  I blamed the probiotics for being too strong.

So now, in my quest to have a fabulously functioning gut I’ve begun to take them again.  I take them with a teaspoon of potato starch, which is a prebiotic (food for bacteria).  So I send them down the hatch with a nice meal for the little guys…and now, 4 days in, no worries.  Hm.  No GI distress, no problems.  Interesting.

I’m going to continue in this manner for a full week.  At that point I’ll continue taking them but will increase the amount of potato starch again.

That’s the plan.   Till tomorrow.

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