Today I’m feeling sort of achy and tired.  I really really really hope I’m not getting another cold.  I’ve used the Progest E for the last two days (haven’t used it today yet), and I’m wondering if that is making me feel tired.  When I was having infertility treatments 4 years ago I was on high doses of progesterone and they made me really sleepy and a little loopy.

It’s also a very grey day…snowy and cold.

Blood pressure is running high the last couple of days.  Just now it’s 152/105.

Fasting bood sugar…also high at 125 or so the last few days.  Last night I got up in the middle of the night and ate something to prevent stress hormones from rising…but still the high blood sugar.

I’m not sure exactly what I’m doing wrong.  Or maybe I’m doing everything right but this isn’t working.  Things have been significantly confounded by being sick recently – I’m still not completely over it, and as I mentioned above there’s always the risk of a new bug entering my microcosm.

I’ve incorporated bag breathing today – someone on some forum said it’s recommended for lowering blood pressure and increasing CO2 in the blood.  Blood pressure is unchanged.  Dunno about the CO2.

My temps and heart rate are good, according to the Peat crowd – high 98s for temp and high 80s for pulse.  I feel full, like maybe I’m eating too much. I still haven’t gotten the hang of eating this way yet.

Going to go play a video game now.

4 thoughts on “Blahs

  1. Too much progesterone can make you sleepy. I hope you are not using supranormal doses now. You said you were eating 2500 calories or so. That sounds a tad bit high. I am sure your blood pressure will normalise if you are 50 lbs lighter. That will proabbly take care of the FBS. I see that all the time. How to get there is the difficult part. If you can keep your metabolic rate high (sounds like you are) then a calorie reduction should get you there. Your CO2 is not too bad from your last labs. Bag breathing is fine if you feel stressed. Should help calm you down.
    Body aches sounds like another virus.

  2. I don’t feel so achy now…I think that was just a weird thing. I’m not megadosing the Pg – The last couple of days I took 3 drops, which I’ve seen recommended as a typical starting dose (about 10mg). Today I took 1 drop, and that’s what I’ll do for the rest of my cycle. I’ll give calorie restriction a go again, starting tomorrow. What’s the worst that can happen? I think you’re right about the symptoms being a function of excess weight. I agree – metabolism seems revved up. And what better time to try than right before Thanksgiving!…? LOL. As always…thanks for your help.

  3. It was weird – I took my daily supplements and within 20 minutes or so my energy returned and the aches were gone. Here’s what I took: 1 drop of Progest E, Vitamin K2 100mcg, Vitamin D 5000 IU, Magnesium Glycinate 500mg, and an ACE inhibitor (for high blood pressure). Wonder what made the difference.

  4. Interesting try at different times to see which one works tom. Give yourself a break on thanksgiving for sure. 10 mg sounds reasonable as long as you take a week off sometime.

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