Ups and Downs

I’m having some ups and downs with my Peat plan.

Yesterday I felt good when I woke up (well, aside from the nagging common cold that has consumed me for the past 3 weeks)…and then by bedtime my weight was up 5 pounds and my blood pressure had skyrocketed to 156/110.  I have no idea what caused that.  I didn’t eat a completely Peat-friendly diet – I ate at someone else’s home for dinner and couldn’t control what was served, but still I didn’t do too badly.  I didn’t eat as much salt yesterday as I have been for the last week or two…This is frustrating.

My weight has been wildly up and down, and there’s nothing to explain it other than water retention…due to…who knows what.  I’ve never gained and lost so much in such short periods of time.  I can go to bed and wake up 4 pounds lighter.  But then I’m 4 or 5 pounds heavier again that night.  I don’t feel good…but like I said I’ve been sick, and haven’t felt “good” for a while.

In all I’ve gained a pound or two of fat eating in accordance with Peat principles.  From what I understand that’s not unusual.  There are lots of hormonal changes that take place, particularly in the beginning, and particularly if you’re coming from a low-carb diet. Some people ride it out…a lot of people struggle and drop out.  It really is a lot to manage.  The only reason I can see to do it is that there are moments that just feel great – when I feel peaceful and alert, and it occurs to me that this is how things SHOULD feel.

Some positives though, are that my heart rate and temperature are up all the time now – my metabolism seems to have picked up.  I’m usually too warm actually, and I’ve been opening windows (which is weird in Wisconsin in November).  My waking temperature is usually about 98.0 and it usually gets up over 99 at some point in the day.  Heart rate is almost always in the 80s now, but sometimes in the 90s.

The blood pressure thing is killing me though.  I’m going to try upping magnesium to 1000mg/day plus epsom salt baths and see if that makes a difference.

Blood sugar has been in the neighborhood of 120 in the mornings.  Not great, but it was worse on low-carb.

That’s all I got today.

8 thoughts on “Ups and Downs

  1. Felt that too many liquids to stay on it perfectly. Why dont you try out my version? Much more manageable. Total calories would matter until you get your metabolism fixed you know that. Extra calories from coconut oil may be ok I think. Try stay below 1800 or so and see if your weight stays within reason. Anti hypertensive medication for a period while you figure it out may help. Just dont use a diuretic type antihypertensive. Temp and HR are up. Thats a good sign. If you think some of the heat is hot flashes type then some progesterone will help that.

  2. I’ll have to look back and see again what you’re doing, but that’s worth considering. I guess it is all the liquids making me feel so unstable. They’re not hot flashes, I don’t think. Those feel a lot hotter than this, and this lasts longer. I’ve been using Lisinopril to manage things until my bp comes down (which it better soon). It used to work but it doesn’t seem to work anymore. I don’t know if it’s a diuretic, but I’m not going to a doc to get a new diagnosis. In March I’ll be buying private health insurance and don’t want a diagnosis of hypertension on my record. I will try a less liquid diet today and see how it goes. BP and weight are high today. Have had a sore throat/cough for what feels like forever. Want to feel better. 😦

  3. High blood pressure and feeling tired, I really feel this is due to vitamin D deficiency mainly. People often infact have too little sun exposure especially now in the winter; beside I have read that even people who live in Florida had vitamin D deficiency. As I stated once vitamin D is basicly a hormone and is involved in many processes in our bodies. Many doctors don’t emphasise enough the importance of it for human body, its not only good for health of the bones but is very very important for feeling energetic and happy.

  4. Cold remedies can aggravate high blood pressure. Lisinopril is not a diuretic but works via Angiotensin.

  5. Beno – Believe it or not I just got a Vitamin D test done and my level was 67 – so well into the OK zone! I have been supplementing for a while to get it up. I haven’t been feeling tired since eating Ray Peat style – but I have been battling a virus for several weeks which hasn’t been fun. Thanks for offering your thoughts on this though – please continue to do so.

  6. I’ve been avoiding them as much as possible, for that very reason. Fortunately I’m starting to feel a lot better now. Today was better.

  7. Hmm, that virus reminds me of something. A subtle but yet it can be anoying thing and can suck energy out of person. I’m pretty much guessing here without knowing your leukocytes concentration in blood etc. but could as well be mononucleosis, which basicly means that your immune system gives up for some time. Its more and more common nowdays. Its nothing dangerous tho but it can make you very tired, that would also explain high c-reactive protein concentration shown in lab results, since it shows inflamations in the body. Anyways, blood tests will be most accurate indicator what is happening in your body. Especially leukocytes concentration along with iron and hemoglobin concentration.

  8. I’ve got a 3 year old in daycare, and she’s always bringing colds/viruses home to share with us. I didn’t really feel particularly tired so I don’t think it was mono – actually it felt more like I had 2 consecutive colds. One cycled up and then started fading out and another one ramped up about the same time. Made for a long cycle of coughing and 2 rounds of sore throats, but it’s passing now. I feel about 96% today. 🙂

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