Checking In

I’ve been gone from the blog for a while but in the rest of my life I’ve been doing some serious thinking, researching, calculating, experimenting, and more thinking.  I’ve been in such a cerebral place lately that I don’t think I’ve made eye contact with anyone but my daughter for like a week.  I am the absentminded professor stereotype…mismatched socks, dishes piled in the sink…child eating Skittles for breakfast (hey – it was just Halloween!)…I offer a distracted wave when asked how my day was…because there is no “was” – my day is never really over when I get like this.  I just keep going and going and going until the thousand-mile stare tells me it’s time for bed.

After much consideration, I’ve decided to give Ray Peat’s principles a try.  I gave it a whirl a few weeks ago and didn’t feel awesome.  Now I realize that was because I hadn’t yet given up processed foods and starches, and I was also taking T3 – two seriously confounding variables.  In the last week I went about 5 days eating just orange juice, organic milk, cheese, some meat, liver (once), shellfish (once), and no starches, no processed foods, no thyroid hormones…and I felt great.  It didn’t last because I felt so great I wanted to experiment with ThyroGold – a version of over-the-counter thyroid hormone supplement.  And also I got sick (a cold) for the first time in about 5 months.  The combination of ThyroGold and Robitussin was not good – my heart was racing and I felt like crap.  I quit both and waited for the storm to pass.  It did, and I’m better now.  No more of either.

I want to get back to the feeling I had before I screwed it up by trying to make things even better.

Will report my progress, as well as relevant details, as usual.


5 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Its a simple diet low in PUFA and allergens (unless you have allergy to milk). Difficult to find fault with. I was wondering how you would be able to take NDT without working up to that dose. Whats your morning temp like and resting HR? Stick with the plan for a few weeks and use aspirin , coffee and coconut oil to get your metabolic rate up. Maybe after a while you may be able to take some thyroid. Or maybe you wont need any at that point. From your experience seems like Thyrogold has real working ingredients inside.

  2. You think you could handle some body weight stuff like pushups and squats and try build some muscle?

  3. Morning temp today was 97.0 (not basal, but first temp of the day before much activity or eating). and heart rate was 85. Since I’ve been experimenting with Peat’s principles my body temp and pulse is higher later in the day without any supplement, but AM temps are still low. I’m learning the low temp and regular HR means stress hormones – I didn’t have much sugar at all yesterday and this morning I woke up starving with a blood sugar of 124. I think what I’ve been interpreting as low blood sugar is really a surge of stress hormones (not sure about that but I once had a nurse tell me that high fasting blood sugar can be caused by the body running out of glycogen and a hormonal response creating glucose for the body to use for fuel.). Re: lifting, that’s a possibility. I hate pushups though. I’m just not strong enough to do them so they’re no fun. I don’t hate the idea though!

  4. I would say that nurse is right. Thats what Peat says too. Running out of glycogen at night puts your body in a panic. Adrenaline spike and insomnia along with it. Maybe try some dumbbells first then pushups when you feel stronger. Building some muscle would help you a lot. Maybe you only need a small dose of T3 in the am or maybe just 2 cups of coffee!

  5. I do like dumbbells…got rid of them when I moved to California, so will have to get more. Do you follow the Ray Peat Inspired facebook group? It’s really helpful.

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