T3 and Cravings

Well I’ve been experimenting with taking T3 (thyroid hormone) as I learn more about energy metabolism and thyroid health.  One thing I learned (as I sit writing this at 4AM) is that you shouldn’t take T3 in the evening.  It will fuck with your sleep.  Good to know!

In general I feel fine and actually better in the 3 days since I started taking T3. I’ve been splitting the little 25mcg tablet into 4 or 5 doses and experimenting with how far apart to take them.  I’ve had no hyper symptoms (except not being able to sleep, but lesson learned regarding the timing).  Day 1 I took only 1/6 of a tablet – about 4mcg.  I felt fine, no overt effect.  Day 2 I took two doses of about 6mcg each, felt fine.  Day 3 (yesterday) I took the entire pill spread out across the day in 4 doses. Felt good.  I’ve been forgetting to take my usual caffeine pill, so apparently there’s a little boost in energy.  I think I’ll continue along taking the equivalent of one 25mcg pill split up into small doses every 3 hours or so.  I’m also going to start taking my temperature throughout the day.  Temperature and heart rate can apparently be used to gauge dips in metabolism efficiency.

A few weeks ago I was at my parents’ house.  My mom (the forever-dieter) confessed to me that she had eaten an entire jar of peanut butter than we left over at her place.  I said to her, “Well Mom, maybe your body needed it.”  Most of her adult life she’s repeatedly (without success) pursued low-cal, low-fat dieting as the key to health and happiness.  Similarly, I finally got her to give up her trans-fat laden margarine for a margarine that doesn’t contain trans fats (butter would not even be considered…it’s a dietary evil in that house).  A couple weeks later she said she had to go back to the original margarine because the other one tasted so good she just kept eating too much of it.

Again, Mom…maybe your body needed it.

It was easy for me to see this when we were talking about her, but when it’s my behavior I’m analyzing all of my judgments get in the way about what I should/shouldn’t be doing or eating.  It’s an interesting idea though…maybe if you just give in to every craving your body will work through it and come out better on the other end.

Yesterday I was craving cheese melted on bread. We have gluten-free bread in the house, but I’ve been considering bread (starch, carbs) the devil for so long that I don’t even consider it as an option.  So I ate the cheese.  10 minutes later…still thinking about cheese and bread.  Ate more cheese.  Finally after about 4 different snacks, all trying to substitute for what I really wanted, I just had the damn cheese and bread.  Seriously.  These kind of mind games make one obsessed with food, eating, dieting, and the self-flagellation that comes from creating dietary rules that then must be followed.

I’m considering just following every instinct, completely independent of dogma and diet guidelines, and just listening to my body for a few weeks.  While I’m at it maybe I’ll put the scale in the garage.

8 thoughts on “T3 and Cravings

  1. Go for 50% of intake as sugar as in fruit juice and milk and see what happens to bread craving. Maybe you were craving carbs? I dont see how eating cheese would help if you are craving bread. It would be interesting to see if you would crave the bread after a glass of salted orange juice and some cheese. Hows your heart rate and temp? Also optimise selenium, copper, vit A, vit E and K to give the t3 something to work with. Increase cholesterol intake or more fruit sugar so you can make it more.

  2. Do you know how bat-shit crazy you sound, telling me to eat more sugar and more cholesterol?? Hahahahaha

    Seriously though, I know where you’re coming from with all this. I’ve been reading reading reading, and some of it is sinking in. I’m up to a couple glasses of milk a day and 2-3 glasses of OJ, some protein, some coconut oil, carrots. Basically all the crazy stuff RP recommends except liver – haven’t crossed that bridge yet. I’m trying to find a source of grass-fed without spending a fortune.

    My AM temps are still low but they rise over the day. Heart rate this morning was 66 and now is up to 74. It’s all very exciting and makes sense in a very twisted way.

  3. I get grassfed liver from whole foods. 4$ a lb. its cheaper than all the grassfed meats. Hows that sound!? They keep it in their freezer section.

  4. I’ve been low carb for so long, and I’m still tentative about eating sugar/carbs. I’m sure glycogen is far from full. One thing I’m noticing though since adding fruit juice/sugar – no more hypoglycemia. It used to be so painful to be hungry because it would hit like a ton of bricks in the form of that awful low-blood-sugar feeling. Now hunger grows gradually…the way it’s supposed to. FBG readings the last 2 days have been in the 90s too.

    Yeah – that price at WF is definitely fine…I’m 30 minutes from a Whole Foods. I’m sure I can make it work once a week.

  5. FBG readings lower with sugar? Say it aint so! I like the liver price at WF. For a 30 minute drive call before you head out. They do run out because of nutjobs like me. I love liver. Cheaper than meat? Count me in!

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