Conventional Wisdom – Day 4


  • Weight today: 200.6
  • Weight loss so far: 2.4 lbs

I’m not expecting a big loss tomorrow because I’ve been eating these AMAZING Double Stuffed Jalapeno and Garlic Olives today.  Salty salty goodness.  It says on the jar that the olives have been inspected twice for quality.  I don’t think I would want to be an olive inspector.  Sounds a bit dull.

Yesterdays diet:

  • Net calorie intake (after exercise): 1544
  • Protein 35% (164g)
  • Carbs 26% (119g)
  • Fat 39% (80g)

Today’s bike ride:  I don’t know how far or exactly how long I rode because since updating my iPhone to iOS 7 my Cyclemeter app doesn’t work if I start the music app.  It’s a first world problem, I know.  I rode around 26 minutes, so we’ll call it 250 calories.  Probably about 4 miles.

Scenes from the ride:


The song I finished with:

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