Adrenal Stress Index Results

Here are my current cortisol lab results:
Hormone Test 3/23/2012 11/14/2012 6/30/2013   Units Range
DHEAS (saliva)
5.3 8   ng/ml 2-23 (Age Dependent)
Cortisol Morning (saliva) 9.6 7.6 5.8   ng/ml 3.7-9.5
Cortisol Noon (saliva) 1.3 1.3 1.5   ng/ml 1.2-3.0
Cortisol Evening (saliva) 0.9 1.3 1.4   ng/ml 0.6-1.9
Cortisol Night (saliva)
  ng/ml 0.4-1.0
Current results are in bold, and are shown compared to the last 2 times I had this test done (about a year ago and about 6 months ago).  According to Dr. Myhill, I’m recovering, as evidenced by normal DHEAS  and low cortisol.  Great.  Well, most things are in range – night time cortisol is a bit low, but I’m not sure I care about that, except that suggests overall low cortisol production.  I’d like morning and noon levels to be higher.  I guess I’ll be looking into adaptogens and supplements.  We’re all moved in to the new place.  I’m looking forward to things.  I have been sleeping well and don’t feel completely tired.  I think I just need to go to bed at a reasonable time.

8 thoughts on “Adrenal Stress Index Results

  1. Nice. Last time I think you were in stage 2 adrenal fatigue or worse. Looks so much better. You did right by walking away from that job. I guess you just need some time to recover fully.

  2. Yes, my labs are definitely better. I can only conclude that with thyroids and adrenals in the target range I’m just a lazy ass who needs to do something different! LOL (but not really funny). Email me.

  3. I want to point up something still sorry if I’m being annoying hehe… Yes as you stated and as Dr. Mayhil stated you are recovering and your cortisol levels are much better than they were but you still feel a bit tired … it is cause your levels still aren’t optimal as they should be. The reference ranges on test are I guess still based upon blood tests, the reference values should be a bit different for saliva cortisol. Here I’m posting the reference values which Biohealthlab have – I have been reading that Biohealthlab is most accurate lab for saliva tests and most reliable. Morning (13.0-24.0 nM/L), Noon (5.0-8.0 nM/L), Afternoon (4.0-7.0 nM/L), nighttime (1.0-3.0 nM/L). So as you can see the values are in nanomoles/liter which is modern system for measuring cortisol levels you can simply convert values to ng/dL by dividing value in nM/L with factor 27,59 – so if you want to convert for example morning cortisol reference value to ng/dL you get values (0.47-0,87 ng/dL) and to get ng/mL value you sum the value with factor 10 which gives you value (4.7-8.7 ng/mL). So you see your noon and afternoon values are still quite low, reference values – for noon (1.8-2.9 ng/mL) and afternoon (1.4-2.5 ng/mL). I bet that you feel better in afternoon as your cortisol level at that time is closer to where it should be than it is in noon. As you are recovering very well I recommend you that you don’t take any adrenal extract supplements as your body is naturally capable of recovery. I suggest you to take B- complex supplement and C vitamin 500-1000 mg. You are very close to recovery but you aren’t fully recovered yet so don’t blame yourself for being lazy …it is not your fault! I wish you fast recovery.

  4. Hi Beno – You’re not being annoying at all! Believe me, I’ll take any help I can get! I’ve been taking a B-complex off and on (but on pretty consistently for the last few months), and I’ve recently starting taking Vitamin C. I’ve heard dose ranges of Vit. C anywhere up to 3000mg/day – I’m usually taking about 1000mg. I’m happy to see I’m recovering! Stress is a real killer.

  5. Hi again, I want to share one more thing I figured out. I figured out that actually many parameters determine adrenal fatigue. Those parameters are hourly cortisol levels (morning, noon, afternoon, night), cortisol- sum (all four levels summed together), DHEA levels and one important thing which is commonly not done by many labs – cortisol sum / DHEA – ratio. This ratio is calculated in this way (cortisol sum (nM/L) / DHEA (ng/mL)). This ratio should be (5.0-6.0). Cortisol sum should be (23.0-42.0 nM/L). So your cortisol sum now is 24.8 nm/L ; your cortisol sum/ DHEA – ratio is 3.1. When all the parameters are in correct range then your adrenals are in perfect condition.

  6. Wow – I’ve never heard of that. I like it because it’s a way to quantify your condition pretty easily. Awesome – thanks for sharing that!

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