Amino acids supplements don’t seem to do a whole lot for me.  Well, actually the 5HTP seems to help with depression, but the L-Tyrosine and DL-Phenylalanine aren’t making me peppier or happier.  I haven’t tried the GABA yet…was waiting till I felt anxious.  I’ve been more depressed than anxious lately.

I started having a problematic cough at the beginning of May.  I thought it might somehow be related to iodine supplementation, since it correlated in time to other detox symptoms I was having.  Only, this never went away and I stopped supplementing like 2 weeks ago.  I finally went to my doc yesterday and got an antibiotic.  My entire body is exhausted from coughing for the last 3-4 weeks.  In Maslow’s heirarchy of health needs, my need to stop coughing far outweighs my need to have perfect gut flora.  So bring on the Z-pack and the probiotics.

Maca is not good for me.  I started taking it about a month ago because I heard in a podcast with Sara Gottfried that it can help increase sex drive and “regulate hormones”.  Well, I suppose it can help regulate hormones if you’re estrogen dominant because I learned that what it does is increase progesterone.  Well, I don’t need progesterone.  I have too damn much progesterone after doing the Wiley Protocol.  My boobs started spilling out over my bras again, and my tummy started sticking out further again.  So I stopped it and things are again returning to baseline.

I decided to go back and read my blog for clues as to why I’m struggling so much with my health.  I know being in California got me off track (stress).  So did hormone supplementation (the Wiley Protocol) (weight gain, carb cravings, increased fatigue).  So I re-read the first 2-3 months of this blog and I learned some interesting things.  Doing the Leptin Rx was the best I’ve felt in years.  No calorie counting, no snacking, just meat, fat, vegetables and lots of sleep.

My first few weeks of the Leptin Rx were interesting – within 2 weeks I had lots of energy and stopped getting hungry between meals.  I also had some detox symptoms, but those passed quickly.  My sleep became solid and predictable and my fasting blood glucose was trending down – it dipped under 100 on 2/20/12 for the first time in months.  This was about 9 days into the Leptin Rx.  On 2/20/12, later in the day, I posted about making Paleo Pizza (with cheese and an almond meal crust).  The next day I posted that my sleep had been disrupted the night before and I was noticing some problems with thermoregulation.  That day I ate something with artificial sweetener in it.  My blood sugar jumped back up and stayed up for about 2 weeks.  It came down again after 3/16/12 – after I started supplementing with Vitamin K.  So the takeaway?  Leptin Rx = good.  Almonds, cheese, and sweeteners = bad.  Vitamin K = Maybe good.

So I’m doing this again.  Leptin Rx, minus the silly dalliances that seemed to interfere.

Update on my little girl – she’s been off dairy for 2 months or so now.  She has adapted really well and only asks for milk or cheese occasionally.  (See doesn’t get it).  The weird thing on her knee is still there…so maybe not related to dairy.  I’ve thought about trying the probiotics again with her – maybe in very very small amounts.

Oh, and we’re moving again – in the next month or two.  To Wisconsin.  My husband got a job there.  I’ll be continuing to work part time from home.

I hope to stay there forever and never. ever. move. again.

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