I’m feeling a lot better.  Upped my Vitamin C and water and that seemed to put an end to the detox depression.  That was pretty severe.  I’ve heard (on the iodine thread on Kruse’s site) that having serious bromide detox on a pretty low dose of iodine can indicate there’s a significant deficiency going on.  I don’t have the money to test right now, so instead I’m just going to continue at a very slow rate…one drop of iodine a week for the moment, and increase very very gradually.

I made a wish list of the tests I would have done if I could.  The off-the-top-of-my-head list totaled $1520.  Uh…Nope.

It looks like we’re going to have to get jobs.  We were hoping to start our own business but the credential we have – while golden in California – is relatively unheard of here in the Midwest.  We are not among the professional disciplines that can easily do early intervention or provide services for autistic kids with medicaid.  We could attempt to navigate the world of health insurance billing, but I suspect we’ll run out of money before we figure that out.  So off to get a job it is.



3 thoughts on “Whew

  1. Whew indeed. For me I had a bit of brain fog increased first few days and then felt better. Still taking it. None of what you experienced. I guess your bromine/fluoride levels are higher than mine. Over time fluoride free water should flush it out I guess.

  2. Yep, I’m using Reverse Osmosis water from the supermarket. What kind of dose are you taking? and how long have you been supplementing iodine?

  3. Have been taking a drop of 2% lugols most days. Along with selenium and zinc. Probably better to eat oysters as such I guess. Everything will be in proportion. I dont like them. Never had any good or bad effects from the iodine. No improvement in mood or energy etc Oh well I wish I had an answer.

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