Low Cal / Low Carb – Day 6

Down another pound this morning to 195.4.   I actually did get hungry yesterday and ran out of calories, so I ate more.  I’m just not going to be hungry.  My totals for yesterday were as follows:

  • Calories: 1901
  • Protein 180g (39%)
  • Carbs 62g (13%)
  • Fats 99g (48%)

I also walked for 30 minutes.

Lose it!  is totally the best app for tracking calories, macronutrients, and exercise.  It has the cool barcode scanner, is very user friendly, and the nutritional information for the foods isn’t entered by people who are guessing.  The food database isn’t as large as MyFitnessPal, but I’d rather have accuracy than size.  So I highly recommend it.

Baby’s gut has calmed down again.  Poor thing.

So back when we had money a few months ago we signed up to participate in this American Gut Project – it’s a massive project to investigate the intestines of humans around the world.  They send you a kit including instructions and sterile swabs.  You send back bio-samples of various kinds, and in like 6 months or so they send you an analysis of the bacteria in your gut.  We’re about to send in our stuff.  And then wait for 6 months.  I guess I should just forget about it for a while.

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