Low Cal / Low Carb Day 5

Down another pound this morning to 196.4.  Nice to see the scale move.  I assume it’ll be slowing down soon…and then I’ll just need to be patient.

I almost got hungry yesterday…I could have eaten more last night but I ran out of calories.  But still no big deal.  Last time I lost a significant amount of weight was in 2006 right before I got married (such a cliche, I know).  I lost about 35 pounds and was hungry most nights going to bed in order to do that.  I can’t get over the fact that I’m not hungry and cranky and scale is moving.

I’ve started taking Maca, which supposedly helps with sex drive.  So far I’d have to say that YES it seems to already be making a difference.  It’s only been a few days though, so this could be placebo effect.  I’ll let you know in a month or so for sure.

My daughter still has really loose stools, which are causing her some serious distress.  She had just finished potty training and now she can’t make it there in time.  My bad, honey…sorry about that.  Note to helicopter moms everywhere – go easy on the probiotics with little ones.  Geez.  I weighed her a couple nights ago and she’s lost like 3 pounds.  Her colon must be completely empty by now.  It has not been pretty.  Back to micromanaging my own health problems I guess.  Things with her will be adjusted SLOWLY.

My Fitness Pal is great in some ways for tracking macronutrients and calories – I really like the barcode scanner and the large database of food options.  I’m learning, however, that a lot of the foods in the database were entered by users and the macronutrient totals don’t always add up to the calorie total.  This is making it difficult to determine my % of calories from fat, carb, and protein with any accuracy.  Yesterday 10% of the  calories I ate were unaccounted for.  I’m looking for another app.

One thing I’m learning right now is that you can trust no one who says they have all the answers.  I know that sounds obvious, but it’s very easy to get sucked in by someone confident who claims to know a lot about what you’re struggling with.  I think it’s fine to try things out…but give it a month or two.  If you’re not getting results, then it’s time to look critically at what you’re doing, take the good, and ditch the bad.  I wish I would have done that a year ago.

Edited to add…I’ve started using a new app called Lose It! I think the nutritional info for the foods in the database was entered by the manufacturer, so hopefully it will have some accuracy to it.

2 thoughts on “Low Cal / Low Carb Day 5

  1. Aha sounds like you are on a roll. Make sure some of the calories come from high quality stuff like liver so you are not getting deficient in something. Sorry to hear about your kid. Cant catch a break eh? Quite the opposite reaction to probiotics in my little one. Hmmm everyone reacts so different.

  2. Hm…liver…yummy. hahaha…not really. You’re right though. Ok…

    Kiddo’s doing better. I’ll probably try again in a couple weeks…but maybe give her just a fraction of a pill and see how it goes. I’ve read that people have all kinds of reactions to probiotics, and that the issues she had may indicate there was an overgrowth of something non-beneficial (like candida or something). So the probiotic comes in and stirs up the balance which is ultimately beneficial. I don’t know if that’s true, but I hope it is!

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