Coffee, Diet Coke, and Insulin

I’m baffled about this phenomenon that is unfolding before me.  I can stick easily to a low calorie diet now (1500 calories, which is about 600 calories per day less than my body requires to maintain weight).  I used to get very hungry eating 1500 calories a day, even when eating low carb.  It seems the link to hunger for me is consuming diet drinks, things artificially sweetened, coffee, or tea. It’s not the caffeine that’s the issue because I take caffeine in pill form every day.  I can understand the diet drinks and artificially sweetened stuff causing hunger – I’ve tested my blood sugar before and after eating food sweetened with Erythritol (Truvia), and have seen it drop 30 points in 1 hour.  This suggests to me that my body produces insulin when it THINKS sugar has been consumed – i.e., when it tastes sweet.

I don’t know why unsweetened coffee has that effect on me too…but it does.  Others do not seem to have this problem.  This article talks about coffee:

Two recent studies have shown that coffee doesn’t cause the release of insulin, and may even reduce insulin resistance.  Interestingly, this effect is true for both coffee and decaf coffee, suggesting that it is isn’t the caffeine that reduces insulin resistance. In fact, decaf may even help keep insulin producing cells healthy.

Mark Sisson has done some research on artificial sweeteners.  He cites several studies that found no insulin spike related to aspartame (the sweetener in Diet Coke), and concludes:

Overall, the evidence seems to suggest little, if any, effect on insulin secretion as a result of tasting or consuming aspartame.

After I’m a svelte zen-like goddess of good health I plan on doing some blood sugar trials to see the extent of the blood sugar fluctuation in reaction to these foods.  Not right now though…no way am I waking up the sleeping Appetite lion right now.

Anyway…down another pound this morning, to 197.4.

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