Low Cal/Low Carb Day 2

Yesterday was Day 1 and it went well…I actually don’t get as hungry as I thought I would if I stay away from sweet things (artificial or otherwise).  I guess last time I reduced calories I was probably drinking Diet Coke, which stimulates insulin and causes me to get hungry.  Yesterday I actually could have eaten less.

According to My Fitness Pal, here are my numbers for yesterday:

Calories Carbs Fat Protein
1496 11% (40g) 54% (89g) 36% (133g)

I also walked 30 minutes.

And today I was down 1 pound.

I guess I’ll just settle in for a long process.

Yesterday I started my little girl out on a probiotic and put epsom salts in her bath.  I found out today that my husband gave her cheese last week so she’s been totally dairy free for probably 3 days now.

I feel that I should take a moment to apologize for focusing on things as mundane as my calorie intake when such terrible things are happening in the world.  Since I had my daughter I can no longer watch shows, movies, or news stories that depict people being hurt, tortured, or killed.  I used to love Criminal Minds and the Primetime/48hours/Unsolved Mysteries shows that usually involved women being kidnapped or killed. As a genre, I nicknamed them, “Missing White Woman” shows, because…well, that’s what they are.  They never profiled a missing poor black woman or a missing Latino man….always white women.  Anyway, I can’t watch things like this, or horrific news stories anymore because they raise my anxiety that something awful will happen to my daughter…and that is an unbearable thought.

So I turn away from it and try to make the world a better place in ways I can control.

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