Virgin Diet – Day 5

Well, things are going swimmingly…I’m not losing weight as promised, but that may be because I’ve recently discovered how amazing olives are and I’ve been eating a lot of the salty little buggers.  I do love salty stuff, but it makes me retain water.  Oh well.  I’m feeling really good otherwise.

I wanted to mention that since I quit my BHRT protocol, my heart palpitations have gone away.  I think I had too much progesterone going on.  I read a study that said progesterone has a really long half-life – it can take months to clear even half of the progesterone build-up, if indeed that’s what was going on.

We’re working…again…on getting my little girl off dairy.  We’ve attempted this 3 times now and each time we’ve gone back and put it back for one reason or another.  But now I actually have time to make sure she’s getting enough fat and calories without her 400-calories-or-so of whole milk every day.  We decided to give this another try because she’s been having some weird skin rashes lately.  They’re in isolated spots on her body, but they take a really long time to go away.  In fact, she’s had one like this for over a month and we have no idea what caused it:


It’s smaller than this, and it doesn’t itch at all.  This is a picture of a jellyfish sting.  She hasn’t been near the ocean since we got back to the midwest, so I don’t think that’s what it is…but it looks similar.  We’re not sure what’s going on with her so we’re trying to eliminate dairy and see if that makes any difference at all.  We can always reintroduce it and see if the symptoms come back.

Today I made spaghetti squash with meat sauce – it was not bad at all.  A little crunchier than spaghetti but definitely a reasonable substitute.

A couple more days of this Virgin diet…and then I don’t know what.  I need a guru.

2 thoughts on “Virgin Diet – Day 5

  1. Our 15 yr old son was stung by a jelly fish several YEARS ago. He has the same rash….still. Any progress on yours going away?

  2. Yes, ours went away – it wasn’t a jellyfish sting though. My daughter’s skin problems resolved when we reduced dairy in her diet. She now doesn’t drink milk but she does eat cheese and yogurt. That probably doesn’t help you much.

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