Virgin Diet – Day 3

This way of eating – the Virgin Diet – continues to be very satisfying.  Guess what – it includes potato chips and wine!  Yeah!  I seriously doubt I’ll be losing weight on this plan.

Today what I ate –

  • Breakfast – pork chops with salsa
  • Lunch – salad with chicken
  • Dinner – avocado, pork, wine

Lots of snacks too.  Never stepped off the path though.  There’s no WAY I’ll lose weight.

That being said, this way of eating could help people.  I miss eggs and butter.   I’ll get over it though, if it seems to be worth it.

4 thoughts on “Virgin Diet – Day 3

  1. Ah…interesting…however the Virgin Diet says I can have anything other than those 7 key things. Pork…not on the list! You’re probably right but I’m testing the claims of this particular diet by following their rules.

  2. Avoidance of PUFA and grains probably accounts for almost all the benefits of a
    “paleo diet”. The more soy the pigs eat the more PUFA in their fat. I would stick to grassfed ruminants.

  3. Stocked up today on grass-fed beef. Yay!!! I love being back in the Midwest where the farmer’s market is just down the street.

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