The Latest Fad Diet

I think I’m going to try a fad diet – it’s been a while.  This one isn’t too crazy.  It’s called the Virgin Diet, and it basically involves eliminating foods that lots of folks have an intolerance to, and then gradually introducing some.  She says if you eliminate these foods you’ll lose 7 pounds in 7 days.  Huh.  We’ll see about that.

During phase one, which lasts 21 days, you’re supposed to eliminate the top 7 food intolerance foods: gluten, soy, dairy, eggs, corn, peanuts, sugar/sweeteners.  During the month after that, you test one potentially high-intolerance food per week to determine if you need to eliminate it permanently.  Then for the rest of your life you should avoid most of these foods most of the time, and every 3-6 months try to reintroduce the foods you had a problem with before.

Let’s look at each of these foods to see how much of a challenge this will be:

gluten – I eat this rarely – maybe once a month these days.  I have previously given it up, so it’ll be no problem to give it up again..

soy – the only soy I eat these days is in my vitamin supplements.  I can avoid those for a few weeks or get soy-free substitutions.

dairy – I eat a LOT of dairy these days.  Lots of cheese, sour cream, butter.  This will be a challenge, but I had all but given them up for a period of 6 months, so it won’t be too hard.

eggs – I currently eat eggs for breakfast most days.  It’ll be a challenge to give them up, but not impossible.

corn – I don’t eat corn now, so no problem giving it up.

peanuts – I don’t eat many peanuts – just the occasional bit of peanut butter.  No worries giving it up.

sugar/sweeteners – I do eat a lot of artificial sweetener these days – some diet coke and some erythritol (Truvia) in various recipes.  I actually don’t have a huge sweet tooth, so it won’t be hard to give this up.

Also, I’ve been learning more about amino acids, like L-Glutamine.  Apparently taking a few grams of this a day can have a big impact on carb cravings and cravings for alcohol (both of which I struggle with these days).  I think when I was eating grass-fed meat I was getting a better regular dose of this and other amino acids.  I’ll go back to that very soon.  I’ve ordered Julia Ross’ books The Mood Cure and The Diet Cure.  In both she talks about how amino acid supplementation can help many things, from mood problems to trouble sleeping, to carb cravings.  I don’t have much trouble sleeping but definitely have issues with the others.  Some folks I hear are having good effects from amino acid supplementation.  I’m not opposed to trying. I’m going to put my very important N=1 clinical trial of myo-inositol on hold for now, in case the amino acid thing looks better.

Another thing I heard today caught my attention.  I was listening to Jimmy Moore’s latest podcast and Sara Gottfried was on it, talking about her new book (and NY Times Bestseller) The Hormone Cure.  She makes sense and sounds data driven, which I like.  I’m really tempted to get her book too.  Haven’t yet though.  She seems a little sales-y to me, I guess.  I don’t like when people sound like they’re deliberately withholding information on a podcast so you buy their book or do their hundred-dollar online program.  In general I like what she stands for though, and may end up investigating her stuff at some point.  One thing stood out for me in another recording I heard of her today – she recommends Maca for increased sex drive.  I may have to try that.  She also recommended an app called GPS For the Soul, for the purpose of teaching oneself to relax and thus reducing cortisol.  It’s free.  I’ll try it.

That’s it for updates today.  New fad diet, new leads on amino acid supplementation and hormone balancing.  Myo-Inositol on hold.

Walked 7600 steps today.  Not terrible.  Not awesome.

All is well.

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