I started a walking program with some friends this week.  It’s called Women Out Walking.  I’m on a team of 5 called “Sole Sisters” and we wear pedometers and calculate our steps at the end of each week and send them in to the team captain.  We’re in a competition with all the other teams (I don’t know how many exactly, but probably 20-30) for big big prizes…well, ok, not big big prizes.  Small small prizes.  I now live in a small small town with small small prizes.  But still…I love competition.  There’s also a weight-loss challenge aspect to this competition.  I weighed in on Thursday.  And today I was eating birthday cake!  But tomorrow is Monday!  That’s right…Monday.  The favorite day of dieters everywhere.  I bet if you did a poll, you’d find that most birthday cake and candy bars are consumed on Sundays…cuz you know why?  The next day is MONDAY!  Diet day!

Ok, it’s entirely possible I’ve lost it.

I’m not doing the cardio anymore.  It didn’t feel good.  Maybe walking will feel good.  I need to get awesome walking shoes though, because I have plantar fasciitis.  And unlike “many” on the Kruse forum (???) CT didn’t help mine at all.  It also didn’t help me lose weight or get my hormones in order.  But I digress.  I have found that my feet do feel better when I wear well-made shoes like those made by Birkenstock, Dansco, and Orthaheel.  So I’m going to get some Orthaheel walking shoes.

As for eating, I’m not sure what to do.  I’ve heard from 2 reliable sources in the past week that low-carb/keto may be exacerbating thyroid problems for me.  Maybe I’ll just count carbs and focus on getting all the nutrients I need.  One thing I’ve noticed is I’ve had more carb cravings since I stopped eating grass fed meat (of course, there were also many confounding factors…but most have since been resolved).  I have a wonderful source of grass-fed meat where I live now but I haven’t been getting it because it’s more costly than grain-fed meat and part of me (yes still) thinks there’s no difference.  I’ll be visiting the farmer’s market this coming weekend…I’m pretty sure there actually is a difference and maybe that’s why I’m struggling.  Another reason I’ve avoided getting it is because I’ll actually have to talk to a nice farmer…in person.  Have I mentioned my social anxiety?  Yes…it gets in the way.

For my current weight-loss challenge, I don’t know what to do.  I suspect I have nutritional deficiencies that are driving me to eat more.  I’ll have to do better at meeting those.  Nothing is off the table at this point.  Jack K. has not proven himself to be a reliable source of information for me…so I’m not sure Ketogenic is ideal, and I’m not sure no-dairy is ideal.

A dear commenter questioned me this week…concerned that I was in a downward spiral.  I assure you I’m not.  I’m ok.  I’m just no better off than I was a year ago, except with a little more knowledge.  For the 3 people that actually read this blog, I’m ok…just searching.  Let me know if you have any hot (empirically validated) leads.



6 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Hi Lanie! Glad to hear you’ve found a competitive outlet! I just wondered since you stopped the WP and the Kruse regimen at the same time, is it possible that you’re kind of stalled because your body is regrouping? Not a very scientific theory, but you’ve been through so much physiologically and psychologically, maybe your body needs time to adjust? Also, I am hypothyroid and my endocrinologist suggested a low carb diet, especially low in simple carbs. No promises about dramatic weight loss, but she said counting carbs helps lots of hypothyroid patients control their weight. And switching from levothroid to Armour thyroid helped me tremendously in terms of mood and energy. Some weight loss initially, too. Hope that helps.

  2. Thanks, Agnes! I’m looking into NDT (Natural Dessicated Thyroid) as an option for me at some point – I haven’t found a doc yet who gets this stuff, so it’s about me and my ability to research. I’m really enjoying It sure sounds like a great resource, and they seem to have some cool try-at-home tests for thyroid and adrenal function. I’m glad you’ve had some luck with Armour – mood and energy are huge for me too. Thanks for commenting – I love knowing some folks are out there! 🙂

  3. Stretches and shoes with arch support built in did the trick for me. Have been pain free for years now. Never changed shoes afterwards!

  4. Look for a shoe with a good arch on the inside. When you put it on it should stretch the arch as you are wearing it.

  5. ON the foot pain (I’m too lazy to spell it) I found a super easy exercise out on the webs. Stand in mountain pose. Raise your toes up. Think about how it feels. Put your toes back down but keep that feeling. It pulls you out of over pronation. At least, it does for me. And good for you on the walking. I was all set to get out and stroll but it snowed. AGAIN. and not the roads out here are a slushy mess. bah.

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