Well, let’s see…where are we at these days?

My stress level is low.  I have some work so we have an income…I’ve managed to let go of the stress from our move…we have some furniture now so our clothes aren’t all on the floor anymore…David and I aren’t fighting all the time anymore…No longer taking hormones and it feels like the right thing to do for now…

I’ve gained back the several pounds I lost doing low cal high fat…yesterday I was at 198.2.  Yikes.  Just.  Under.  200.

What I decided to do…just for fun kinda…is keep track of the calories I eat, but not try to limit calories so much…more like just count them to see what I need when I’m neither hungry nor stuffing myself.  According to MyFitnessPal, here are my numbers for yesterday and today:

Yesterday: 2260

Today: 2032

I’m still eating low carb (no particular stress on high fat, which I find doesn’t satiate me as long or as well as high protein/fat).

Today I was down 2 pounds, to 196, just from eating low carb and counting calories.

Here’s another thingy going on – high blood pressure.  My blood pressure now seems to be high every day. I first noticed it when under a lot of stress in Cali, but it hasn’t gone away.  I’ve started tracking it.  It’s in the neighborhood of 144/86 most of the time, but I’ve caught it higher than that.  Last night it was 153/95.  I’ve been raiding my husband’s blood pressure meds.  Last thing I need now is another diagnosis.  I need to figure out how to use supplements, diet, and/or exercise to get this back down, stat! I suspect the extra 15 pounds I’m carrying since January isn’t helping.

Must lose the weight.

I’ve written and deleted the next paragraph several times.  I guess I’m too nice to write what I feel like writing right now.  Better sign off.

Email me if you want to know what I would have said.

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