Oh And….

I did manage to get short-term insurance for my family.  They don’t cover pre-existing conditions (apparently a loophole avoiding the promises of Obamacare) so if we have a heart attack or stroke it’s probably not covered, since we’ve been diagnosed with high cholesterol and David with high blood pressure.  Cancer though….keep your fingers crossed for cancer!  Cuz that would be covered.

4 thoughts on “Oh And….

  1. And maybe take some niacin separate then your HDL will be higher and LDL lower and they will think you are taking lipitor….

  2. Well, I did, actually…a year ago. However, if I hope to have health insurance again I’m going to have to resume taking it.

  3. A pharmacist friend has told me that Niacin works to increase the HDL but doesn’t do much for the LDL. I like the way you think though.

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