Exhaling…and a Fat Fast

Finally the stress is subsiding.  We have a home and a plan for our future and we have a little money in the bank to see us through till we have a regular income.  I decided, now that I have a little time, to try a high fat diet again.  Specifically, a fat fast.  I’ve always thought it was kinda dumb to call it a “fast” when you’re actually eating, but whatever.  That’s what it’s called.

Here is the plan, in a nutshell: Eat 4-5 200 calorie meals per day, spaced 3-4 hours apart.  Meals should be primarily fat – like in the neighborhood of 90% fat.  This is accomplished by eating things like egg yolks, cream cheese, avocados, bacon…you get the idea.  I think it becomes much easier when you use recipes that combine high-fat ingredients into something that tastes good.  I mean, really…how much straight cream cheese can you really eat before gagging?

Yesterday I stuck to the fat fast plan completely – 90% of calories (or so) were fat, and I limited intake to 1000 calories.  Today the percentage was still about 90% fat, but I ate more – maybe 1500 calories.  And tonight for the first time in years, the ketone strip indicated I was in ketosis.  I guess I’m one of those “metabolically resistant” people that Dr. Atkins referred to when he published this plan.

I’m only 2 days into this, but my plan is to do 2-3 days of very high fat/low-mid calorie, and then 1 day of regular low-carb (adding in some protein, upping calories a bit).  I think calories do count.  And so does protein…as in, it’s possible to have too much.  For me, anyway.

I sure do like high fat.  mmmmmmmm

Here are the best 2 high-fat recipes I’ve tried so far.  I got them from someone posting at Optimal Health Cave (and modified slightly for my taste).

The “servings” imply adherence to Atkins’ Fat Fast plan in which you eat 200 calorie “meals” several hours apart, and a total of about 1000 calories a day.  So each serving is a 200 calorie “meal.”  (Meal is in quotes because there is so little food associated with 200 calories of fat…it can actually be measured in tablespoons.)

Cheese Soup / Sauce (makes 8 servings of about 3oz each) – Calories: 229.8; Fat 22.8g (92%); Carbs 2.4g; Fiber 0.5g; Protein 3.5g

  • 4T butter
  • 1c heavy cream
  • 6oz cheddar
  • Heat all till melted, and add some veggies if desired.  I added some mushrooms.
  • Add 1c water.  Stir till mixed.


Coconut Bark – Makes 12 servings – each serving: Calories 222.9; Fat 24.8g (96%); Carbs 1.3g; Fiber 0.5; Protein 1.5g

  • 1c Coconut oil
  • 4T butter
  • 1/4c Natural peanut butter
  • 1T cocoa powder
  • 1T Truvia (erythritol) – other people use other non-sugar sweeteners

Heat all till melted over low heat, stirring constantly.  I then poured the liquid into muffin tins.  I’m not sure if it goes in the fridge or freezer to harden, so I put one in each and we’ll see tomorrow which is better.

It’s so yummy, all of it.

Today my weight was down 2.2 pounds, and my fasting blood glucose was down from 119 to 109.

Looking forward to this experiment!

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