My daughter has pneumonia.  She’s on the mend but is still sick enough that she needs to stay home.  We have no time off to take care of a sick child, so add sneaking around and trying to fit in work around staying home with baby to the list of stress-causing life circumstances.  Whatever…I’m in a cesspool of anxiety and depression right now.

I appreciate the supportive comments very much.  Thank you, friends, for visiting and saying hi.  I hope the fact that I still feel like shit doesn’t make you think I don’t appreciate and value your suggestions.  I have felt good in the past when I exercise, so that’s what I’m going to do more of, beginning tomorrow.

I think Dr. K. has jumped the electron-laden shark.  It’s disappointing because I think he’s probably got some good ideas. The Leptin Rx may have been a good idea.  CT…I’m not so sure.  The earthing thing?  Woo.  I thought I might be done a while ago…but now I’m really done.

Not done trying to get healthy though.  That, and this blog, will continue.

16 thoughts on “Retreating

  1. Look up the reviews. He may be disorganised in presenting stuff on his blog. Doesnt make him wrong though.

  2. I am so sorry you’re still so stressed out and that your daughter is ill. I wish had words of wisdom to share with you and make it better. If I had a magic wand I’d definitely wave it in your direction.

    I don’t know what to think about your “Jack” comments. He’s been accused of “borrowing” by others in the paleosphere and not nearly as nicely as you just did. As for his jumping the shark … grounding it’s some kind of woo-woo stuff and neither is overloading humanity with EMF. It’s real. And I do believe it is making all of us sicker by the day. Look at the number of shootings since Sandy Hook. Then ask yourself why.

    Hang in there kiddo. You’re tough. You can get through this.

  3. It’s not just disorganization. He steals others’ ideas and passes them off as his own. Look at this: (see answer from “The Quilt” who is J.K.)

    Same paragraph beginning “EMFs are ubiquitous…”

    Guess where that paragraph is lifted from? The book you linked to above.

    He may be all kinds of brilliant, but he’s repeatedly demonstrated that ethics are not a top priority. If he lies about this, what else does he lie about?

  4. Thanks for the support, Darleen. Your journal is my favorite thing over at the forum. I’ll continue to lurk. As to why I edited my post? I’m having a rough go of it these days, and it feels never ending. I cry now when I can’t find my keys. I toned down my criticism of J.K. because I wasn’t up for defending myself against people who might be up for a battle to defend him.

  5. I’m not going to tell you something you don’t already know but you do not need to defend your opinions.

    I like Jack. A lot. But I also have to question his integrity a wee bit after finding out some things about his online postings. Little stuff. Stuff that really doesn’t matter in the big picture. But it did show me he has feet of clay and that I shouldn’t (and won’t) just follow him blindly.

    I don’t know if it’s insecurity on his part, just hurried thinking … who knows. Only he knows. And yes, he has been called on this by others. You aren’t the first person to catch this bad behavior. Is it arrogance? I don’t know. Maybe he just wants to get this message out to help others and does it at any cost. The sad thing is in the long run it may come back to bite him in the ass.

    Hang in there. I hope that once you and your family get back home all this bad stuff will stay in your rear view mirror.

  6. I don’t know if you noticed, but he does put a works cited list at the bottom of every essay he writes. That said, I doubt he is plagiarizing (although he ought to put a footnote header on each of his quotes linking to his list if he doesn’t want to give the impression that he is making other’s material is own). He has also said before, he connects the dots–even someone else I told about Kruse and how he talks about mismatches etc. immediately realized he doesn’t produce any new research but is good at making a system out of it.

    For those of you familiar with Jung Psychology, he’d be what Myers-Briggs call an ENTP personality type, with his dominant function being extroverted intuition (connecting the dots).


  7. Well he did it again this morning. Another pithy post to start your day, all but claimed outright he wrote it. He did not. I did as you suggested and googled the first sentence. Dismay does not cover how I feel about this. It saddens me and makes me call into question EVERYthing he has said on the forum, his blog and directly to me. It’s a trust issue. One fib or little white lie can be overlooked. Two makes you start to wonder and to go on alert. Three and the trust is broken.

  8. He made a post this morning on FB, copied verbatim from somewhere else and I know because I found the original. His commentary after implied he had written it. There’s no excuse for this.

  9. Yes, I noticed he lists cites after his blog posts. Still, anyone who has an education past high school has been taught that you paraphrase the work of others. If you directly quote someone you need to attribute it – right there in the text – because otherwise it’s easily misinterpreted as one’s own ideas. And actually I’m not even talking about his blog – I haven’t taken the time to look too closely at that. He does this all the time – his facebook “motivational quotes,” his replies in the Ask Jack forum, stuff he puts on Paleohacks. It’s just a bad practice – it’s dishonest. I can forgive him for it but I don’t trust him. He makes things up. I wish he would have stopped at the Leptin Rx and CT, instead of trying to find a “theory of everything.” I just feel like he’s lost his way.

  10. Darleen – I actually messaged him on Facebook and asked him to stop doing that. My message was sincere and from the heart – I just don’t want to badmouth the guy without going to him and letting him know he’s screwing up. He said he didn’t agree that it was plagiarism, and that all great people have “built upon the work of others.” He doesn’t get it, I’m afraid. I think he has some good ideas, but it’s important to look at things he says with a critical eye.

  11. Lanie I am not surprised. I think he suffers the same “affliction” as my brother who just basically makes shit up all the time and we’re supposed to believe him. If we don’t, then he changes his story.

    If he EVER gets his book done and sent to a publisher (and god help him if it gets published) and it has this kind of crap in it … they will crucify him.

    I get it but I don’t get it. He’s smart (but so’s my brother), well educated and in a scientific field. Does he really believe he can pull this crap and get away with it? How many authors in recent years have been found to be liars and how have they been treated. You’d think he would have noticed.

    It just makes me so sad and disheartened I can hardly bear it. I said it before … I really really like the guy. The fact he has helped a lot of people isn’t going to cut it. No one likes to be lied to. It makes them appear foolish and naive.

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