Fastest Update Ever

I literally have 5 minutes to write an update…so here are the bullet points on which I’ll have to expand later:

1.  Daughter’s Enterolab results are in.  She’ s having an immune reaction to everything.

2.  We’re leaving this job and leaving California at the end of February.  Going back home to the chilly midwest.

3.  Had the stomach flu this weekend.  It disabled my brain enough that I was able to stop thinking about the omnipresent burden of work and despite the pain and distress of the actual illness, I felt really happy for a few minutes.  I was able to just be close to my child and my husband and not care about anything else…and it was wonderful.  My life going forward will be about recreating that moment and creating more like it.  Work will not be my life.  I’m not built that way.

4. Before getting the stomach flu, I was back to my highest weight before the Lepin Rx.  In other words, I gained back that 7 or 8 pounds I’d lost.  I’m not sure what direction I’m going now.

5. Saw the BHRT nurse practitioner.  She was alright, but thinks TSH is the best way to measure thyroid function.  I’m leaving this state anyway, so if she can just monitor my BHRT for now I’d be happy.  In the meantime I’m taking Milk Thistle to help clear the rT3 and taking steps to make my life less stressful.

6.  I’m going to do yoga tonight.  Even if my gut isn’t better yet.  I’m feeling called.  I think I may be on the verge of a spiritual awakening of sorts…or maybe a philosophical one.  Definitely along the “meaning of life” lines though.

My head doesn’t feel clear but I have to go work now.

4 thoughts on “Fastest Update Ever

  1. Well look at the bright side. Your daughter has you on her side. So 30-40yrs from now she wont be struggling with the same crap you are going through right now.

    Your work was not helping your health which was evident from that cortisol assay headed in the wrong direction. Good luck for the trip back.

  2. Yeah! I hope you’re right, that she won’t have to struggle like me. She’s kind of a mess though, with all the things she is sensitive to, and the threat that this immune response could be generalized to still more things. That’s why we’re going back home, ultimately…so I can spend more time being her mom and less time trying to figure out which processed foods she can eat (for lack of time to cook). Thanks for still checking in…I know I’m scarce around here. It’s a wonder anyone still reads this!

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