I’m probably going to be quitting my job.  It’s too much.  I made the effort to talk to my supervisor about it Friday and was told how good I have it because OTHER companies are worse.  Maybe in Silicon Valley everyone is so driven to work work work because everything is so flippin expensive so no one has a choice but to work themselves into the ground.  Perhaps its a cultural thing.  Personally, I don’t want work occupying this much of my time and mental/emotional energy.  I prefer to have hobbies and sleep.  So the job hunt begins.  We have a lead on jobs back in the Midwest in an area that probably isn’t getting a lot of applicants.

I’m trying a different approach to Paleo – high fat, moderate/low protein, and low carb.  I got the idea to do this from an excellent commenter on a previous post (thanks, newtopaleo) and also from a facebook question/answer on Jack Kruse’s Facebook wall yesterday.  Here it is:

Question:I am re-listening to your Jimmy Moore encore podcast and you mentioned HS-CRP as a tool to see if you are eating too much (of the wrong kind of) protein. If someone has a regular CRP (not HS) of less than .1 can they go to town with natural proteins without stimulating the mTOR pathway that you and Doc Rosedale disagree on?

Jack:  Protein and fat are critical for mammals………fat is best but protein is used in the Leptin Rx to break the cravings caused by carbs via NPY. Fat works too but when you use 80-90% fat diets people trying to make a change in fuel have trouble going from sugar burning to 100% fat burning……..protein use is stepped down approach

Hm….Interesting.  I’m sure somewhere in the volumes of Jack’s blog he discusses this, but I’ve never seen it.  What I know from him is that I should be eating 50-75g of protein in the morning.  Well, ok…I’ll give this a try.  I know I’m not a sugar burner anymore…so this shouldn’t be so challenging.

Because I think it’s important to follow SOME kind of plan or theory, I’ve chosen (for now) to follow the Optimal Diet designed by Jan Kwasniewski.  The idea is to eat about 80% fat.  Here’s some more info:

When first implementing the diet, a specific weight ratio of 1:2.5-3.5:0.8 between proteins, fats and carbohydrates is recommended. This works out to about 12% protein, 80% fat, and 8% carbohydrate in caloric percentages. People with ideal weight are advised to use a 1:3.5:0.8 weight ratio, while those that are overweight are advised to use a 1:2.5:0.8 weight ratio.

As a starting point, I’m going to shoot for 60g protein, 150g fat, and 48g carbohydrate.  This is 1782 calories.  I don’t know if calories matter or not.  We’ll find out.  I’m going to see how I feel on this quantity of food, and go from there.

This morning I ate 3 eggs with 2T butter and a small sausage link.  Here are the fitday stats on this meal:

  • Cal: 547
  • Fat: 48.3g
  • Carbs: 2.9g
  • Protein: 25.6g

Will update later.

2 thoughts on “Updates

  1. You are definitely pushing yourself too hard here. If you can afford to take a few days off that will do you good. Do whatever lowers your stress (playing with your kid, movies, beach going whatever). You may need a bit more carbs at this point until you get some help with T3. You wont need the carbs with meals of seafood/seaweed but otherwise yes. Definitely the BAB will lower hunger levels, You will notice better energy with seafood/seaweed/olive oil combo. Once your cortisol levels normalise and rT3 comes down you should be able to crank your carb intake down even more. I have noticed slightly better energy levels with d-ribose. Pretty harmless and cheap anyways. Cant hurt to give it a try.

    Calories dont matter if your hormones are optimised. 1782 calories seems too low to me but I dont know what your height and ideal body weight is. Cutting calories will panic your thyroid/adrenals into conserving more energy and will probably raise your rT3. Basically I think Jacks plan of epi paleo is essential if you dont want your rT3 going up. I think there is some truth to Paul Jaminets idea that people need the carbs for their thyroid. I think you are not at the point where you can cut back and intermittent fast. Sorry if I am splashing cold water over your plans.

  2. You’re not splashing cold water at all. I appreciate your input. Still going to try the high-fat thing though. 🙂

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