Lab Update and Progress on Docs

I got the DHEAS result from my recent salivary lab test.  Here it is, in relation to the cortisol testing that was also done:

DHEAS – 5.3 (range 2-23, age dependent).  Last time I measured this it was high 15.4 – appropriate for a 20 year old.  I was taking a DHEA supplement at the time and it wasn’t making me feel good.  So I stopped.  Currently my (nonsupplemented) DHEAS is in the low-normal range.  With regard to Adrenal Fatigue I did some research, and here’s what I found on Wikipedia:
Interpretation Of The Adrenal Stress Index Test for DHEA and Cortisol Levels
Levels of DHEA and cortisol vary according to the level of stress and for how long that stress has been applied. Increasing cortisol production is the normal response to short term stress and is highly desirable, so long as the stress is removed and the adrenal glands can recover. On-going, unremitting stress means the adrenal gland and the whole body is in a constant state of alert, does not get time to recover and eventually packs up. So, there are several stages of adrenal function gradually leading to failure:
1. Normal levels of cortisol and DHEA. Normal result. Normal adrenal gland.
2. Raised cortisol, normal DHEA. This indicates a normal short term response to stress. Typically low blood sugar – See Hypoglycaemia – the full story.
3. Raised cortisol and raised DHEA. The adrenal gland is functioning normally but the patient is chronically stressed. So long as the stress is removed, the adrenal gland will recover completely.
4. High levels of cortisol, low levels of DHEA. The body cannot make enough DHEA to balance cortisol. This is the first sign of adrenal exhaustion. This is the first abnormal response to chronic stress. The patient needs a long break from whatever that chronic stress may be – the commonest chronic stress is Hypoglycaemia – the full story, but also consider insomnia, mental, physical or emotional overload or whatever. DHEA can be supplemented to make the patient feel better, but it must be part of a package of recovery, without which worsening can be expected.
5. Cortisol levels low, DHEA levels low. The gland is so exhausted it can’t make cortisol or DHEA. By this time patients are usually severely fatigued. Often these is loss of diurnal rhythmn so no morning peak. This may also be associated with low melatonin at night.
6. Cortisol levels low, DHEA borderline or normal. This probably represents the gland beginning to recover after a long rest. DHEA may be used to help patients feel better whilst they continue their programme of rest and rehabilitation.
I don’t really know how to interpret this.  During my last consult Kruse said he thought I was in “Stage 3 or 4 Adrenal Fatigue”…and I’m not sure how he got that information from my cortisol labs at the time, which were a little on the low side but still within range. I suppose I could put my labs up on the Dr. K. forum and see if anyone will hack them.  I’m contemplating getting new hormone labs run…I feel a lot better since my BHRT dose was adjusted in October and I’m interested in seeing if I’m in the normal range yet.
I researched docs today who do the Wiley Protocol, and spent a couple of hours looking into their backgrounds and websites, and making sure they also addressed thyroid issues.  I have a list of 7 within 90 minutes of me – 5 MDs and 2 nurse practitioners.  I’ll call them on Monday and by the end of the day I hope to have an appointment set up with one of them.

9 thoughts on “Lab Update and Progress on Docs

    Definitely somewhere stage3-4. The reason being your night time cortisol levels are higher than noon and evening. Thats your divergence. To me it looks like stage3 on the way to stage4. If you look at the links you will see what I am talking about. Take the graph of stage 3(in the link) and lower it in your mind and you get your curve. In stage 4 your morning cortisol goes down too. You havent reached there yet whew!
    Are you on Arimidex? That should take care of your estrogen and you should be able to take DHEA. Another way to raise DHEA without oral supplements is transdermal magnesium oil.
    Work on getting some T3 also. I am hopeful that will help you a lot.

  2. As for your baby you dont need to get her off dairy. Just switch to goat milk. Thats A2. No problem there. My local Walmart carries it.

  3. Hm….thanks for the info an Adrenal Fatigue. Yep, prolly stage 3-4. I looked up Arimidex and it looks like it’s a drug used to treat breast cancer…? I have had in the back of my mind that after I get estrogen and progesterone balanced to some extent I’ll tackle some of the other problems (cortisol, DHEA, etc)…in fact that’s what Kruse recommened for me too, during my consult. It’s possible the dose of DHEA was just too high – I was taking 25mg/day. Maybe 5mg would be more appropriate. Not going to worry about it just yet. Yes, T3 is a priority – I need a doc for that. So first step, finding a doc.

    And baby’s already on goat milk! I took your advice on that like 2 months ago. 🙂

  4. My estrogen was incredibly low when I started BHRT – and after 3 months of hormone treatment we had to adjust it 2 months ago to increase it further because it was still too low. I don’t think I want to do anything to inhibit estrogen production. That’s not a bad idea about the 7-keto DHEA though. I’m a little afraid to add anything right now though, while my hormone levels are being evaluated for the purpose of BHRT. Thanks for the ideas!

  5. Mine was trashed till I did ct last winter. My dhea improved and my morning cortisol was on the low end of normal after 2 months of ct…I stalled in progress just doing the leptin rx. Since doing ct again, I’m pretty certain the hormones are improving again…I will confirm in march when I get my 6 month blood test again. t went up too.

  6. Yeah, I’m not ruling out CT as a tool, and in fact I have a chilly swimming pool at my disposal. Time is a major factor though, so I’m trying to work out other things too.

  7. Hi I found your blog when I googled “low cortisol and bitchiness.” You captured my attention..I too, am adrenal Insufficient stage 3….Have been using to T3 only protocol for low cortisol and it seems to be working..But it’s dicey and daily…Some people have had great results. I was until I had to have surgery which put me back to square 1…Hope you don’t mind me jumping in…

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