New New Plan

My old new plan wasn’t drastic enough.

My new new plan involves juicing.

I have a suspicion that my current state of malaise and poor health (as evidenced by labs) has something to do with a nutritional deficiency.  I could spend $350 in addition to the thousand or so I’m already in the process of spending to find out if I indeed have a nutrient deficiency…or I could spend $100 on a juicer and give it a try.  I opt for the latter.

I have 2 inspirations for this choice: the first is Terry Wahls and her journey toward health and recovery from Multiple Sclerosis.  Here’s her Ted talk:

She recommends eating 9 cups of fruits and vegetables a day.  In addition to a paleo template.  That seems like an awful lot of work to me.  These days I can’t seem to bring myself to nuke frozen broccoli.  The payoff isn’t great enough for having to endure the taste, texture, and limited nutritional benefit available from consuming one vegetable.  So I don’t.  But I have great respect for Ms. Wahls’ journey, and think she’s on to something.

My other inspiration is Joe Cross from Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.  Here’s the trailer for his flick (available on Netflix and Hulu for free):

I feel depressed and anxious…all the time.   There’s no good reason for it.  I look around me and there’s NOTHING WRONG.  My little girl is beautiful and thriving, my husband loves me and never gives me a reason to doubt anything about our relationship, I have a good job and live in a beautiful place….and yet I’m always feeling like crap and waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well newsflash, THERE’S NO SHOE.  The first one hasn’t even dropped yet.  This afternoon I was sitting out on our balcony with my 2 year old blowing bubbles and it felt like “something is wrong.”  What the hell could be wrong?  Nothing.  That’s how I know this is biological.  There’s something wrong with my body that is screwing with my thoughts.  I’m sick of it.  Eating meat, eating seafood, eating fat – none of this is hurting (and I feel a lot better than I used to) but I don’t feel GOOD yet.  I’m tired of feeling this way.

I remember when I was in my 20s I used to get on the back of some dude’s motorcycle – no helmet, mind you – and drive off to the nearest lake or bar, and just have fun.  When is the last time I had fun…?  Really.  REALLY!  I don’t have fun.  There’s something wrong with my body and my brain and I need to fix it.  And doing more of the same thing that isn’t working isn’t going to help.

So bring on the nutrients.   Beginning tomorrow I’m going to eat a high protein breakfast (probably seafood and eggs) and nothing but juice for the rest of the day.  I’m going to do this for a few days.  After 3 days I’m going to try to drink fresh vegetable/fruit juice all day long.  I’m going to give my brain – my mitochondria – what it needs to operate.  It’s amazing how much nutrition you can pack into a cup of juice.  Way more kale, zucchini, apple, carrot, and spinach than you can possibly eat.

This may be expensive…I don’t care.  I just saved $350 by not getting nutritional testing done.  Right?

I’m going to do this for at least 10 days.  Maybe longer.  What I’m looking for is relief – relief from the depression, the anxiety, the fatigue.

I’ll report back.

A final note about labs – some of the testing I’m having done is in the works and will take a while to get back.  I’ll post when I have news.  Also, along with my cortisol testing I ordered a DHEA test – they forgot to include that with my results, and will have it for me this week.  I’ll post when I have it.

9 thoughts on “New New Plan

  1. That Terry Wahls video is impressive. I hope you mean blender than juicer. You will be wasting a lot of good stuff with juicer. I drink the kale banana smoothie sometimes and its delicious. Very filling too.

    Personally I think she fixed her leaky gut with her diet. I am not convinced its about mitochondria. Go over the article carefully. You can see in MS when they are in remission the serum zonulin levels are close to control.

    She also added organ meats, also salmon and grassfed meats everyday. You should not think her recovery was because of just the vegetables/leaves. I am sure they helped.

  2. My name is Amelia, I have been reading your blog for some time now. I have been reading about your struggles and living my own. I have been contemplating a change in my diet as well. I have been eating paleo for several years now, I had a lot of success, I lost 20 lbs, then I started low carb paleo and lost an additional 10, but it was difficult to sustain and I have since put 20 lbs back on eating low carb and lifting weights and sprinting. I have always been lean, never had trouble being overweight. I think most of my weight gain is from muscle. But I am not comfortable being this heavy. I have been thinking about adding some juicing as well and droping some of the protein I am eating. I am looking forward to hearing your results. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

  3. Mark Sisson says juice has a higher sugar impact than eating the food itself and that a lot of the nutrients are in the colorful peel, which gets filtered out in juicing.

    Regarding the sugar thing, that’s the case if you’re drinking a ton of fruit juice, as opposed to vegetable juice. I won’t be doing that. As far as the peel, ok…I guess that’s the case with apples and cucumbers…but not necessarily the case with celery, lemons, carrots, oranges, spinach, swiss chard, kale, berries, ginger, zucchini, tomatos, onions, peppers, parsely, limes, or beets.

    Onward! 🙂

  4. All good thoughts, and I appreciate the critical thinking very much. I do mean juicer, not blender, and I’m aware there’s a certain amount of waste until I learn how to use it (some folks use the pulp in muffins or soups, for example). I’m trying this for 10 days to see if I feel better. Even if you’re right, that her improvement can be attributed to curing a leaky gut or to remission, I’m still not feeling great doing what I’m doing. Seafood, fat, and organic/grass fed meat isn’t helping me to become healthier or happier. I need to try something else. This is expensive (but not more expensive than grass fed meat and seafood) and it’s wasteful if you want to look at it that way (I don’t), but it’s something I’ve never tried and it complements the things that do make me feel better (Paleo eating and not fussing over a stove for hours every day).

    On another subject, thanks for all your awesome links lately, N2P!

  5. You are welcome. I try because I know exactly how you feel. Its not good. I have read too many horror stories about vegans so I am not going to try too many veggies at the expense of fish/meat. But I am sure you will find a way to balance it out. I think your idea of seafood/eggs for breakfast should balance out the veggies for the rest of the day.

    Do take the T3 recommendation seriously because I am not convinced that we are missing “nutrients” somehow. My diet is seriously great. So I think the hormones have to somehow be fixed for me to feel better. Make sure your total calorie intake is not low because that will supress your T3 even further.

    California has a lot of farmers markets where you can get fresh produce for reasonable prices. Try find one near you. They may only be open one day a week or so but you can stock up.

  6. Sounds like menopause to me. i.e. lowered estrogen. Did you get your hormones checked? I can’t remember who I’ve “lectured” about this and who I’ve missed. SEX LIES & HORMONES!!! by TS Wiley. I don’t care if you’re “only” 32 … that’s how old I was when I went into peri-menopause. STRESS STRESS and more STRESS caused me (I am 100% positive about this) to lose all my eggs at once which threw me into peri-menopause.

    There were two occasions when I went into such a deep depression I was suicidal. I pulled myself out of it by sheer dint of will because taking pills because you are depressed is bullshit. I would cry at toilet paper commercials. I am not exaggerating. GET those hormones checked. Get onto the Wiley Protocol if you need it. For pete’s sake. I wish to god that book had been around 30 years ago. I’d still have all my parts.

    As to the juicing. Well you gotta do what you think is right. However I think Jack is really onto something re: eating seasonally. Plus where is your protein? Steve Jobs died of pancreatic cancer because he was vegetarian for decades. I’d keep that in mind.

    Also, have you been doing CT? I avoided it like the plague until Ealachan yelled at me to just get in the flippin’ tub. Our tap water is hovering around 50° right now so it’s real easy to just fill the tub, jump in (gasp and swear a few times) and then settle in to watch re-runs of True Blood while I freeze my heiney off. Too soon to tell about any benefits but I’m sticking with it for now.

    Honestly I don’t mean to sound like a cranky step-mother here. But you are right to get that 2nd consult done and do it asap. Get the tests done, find a WP provider (they’re listed on her website) if you need to. Diet isn’t everything. There’s a lot more to it which I have finally accepted. If the leptin Rx isn’t working then something else needs tending to. That’s where I am right now. It’s hard, it’s frustrating but I tell you what. With every day I feel myself getting better and better. It’s as if I have been living underwater for the last decade or more and am now getting to break the surface every now and then. It’s wonderful!

    Blu-blockers, BAB (well mine is never quite at the 50g mark cause I still can’t eat that much), seafood at least once a day, SLEEP!!! YAY!, orgasms, iodine, BHRT … it’s all starting to work its magic. Don’t be angry with Jack because it didn’t happen overnight. He’s provided a solid template. But you have to find yourself within that template and that takes work and time.

  7. Darlene, didn’t you just start taking Cytomel? Isn’t it possible the magic you’re experiencing is because of that, rather than because of cold baths, seafood, and the rest of the Kruse prescription?

    I feel the need to address the points you’ve raised. I’m 43 years old and have already taken your advice regarding TS Wiley’s book and the Wiley Protocol. I’ve been doing the WP for 4-5 months now and am reasonably happy with the results so far. I had hormone labs done in October and estrogen was still low. Dose adjusted, feeling much better, but I suspect it’s still low. Probably going to test again this month. Having just moved I’m between docs so I may have to wait a month.

    I did CT for 2 months and saw little benefit to justify the investment of time and discomfort. I may go back to it but right now I’m focusing on BHRT and diet. I work a lot and have a 2 year old, and this is what I have time for.

    I’ll do the second consult after I have all labs results in.

    Where is my protein? Did you see my BUN level? I’m getting plenty. The juicing is an attempt to balance things and get more micronutrients. Recently, my entire diet is protein and fat – much of it seafood. It ain’t working…at least, it’s not enough.

    I’m not angry at Jack. I think he’s awesome. He really should attribute his sources though, because that seriously undermines his credibility. But angry…no. Just not blinded to other options.

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