This may or may not be a long post.

I think I’m done with this.

I mean, I’ve stuck with paleo and Jack Kruse and I’m not getting better.  I can’t just keep doing things that aren’t working.  That’s ridiculous.

This morning my fasting blood glucose was 105.  About the same (or maybe a little lower) than where I started back in February.  I’m still prediabetic.

Stepped on the scale this morning.  184.8.  About 7 pounds lighter than where I was when I first started, but not much improvement after the very first few weeks.  Same.  Same weight.  Still fat. Still feel fat and old.

I eat seafood about once a day.  Sometimes more.  The meat I eat is grass fed or organic.  Dalliances are occasional potatoes or rice.  Wheat is basically gone from my diet.  Sugar was gone for about 6 months, but after seeing very little progress it’s inched its way back in a little.  I eat some dark chocolate now and drink alcohol every 2-3 days.

This isn’t working for me.  Jack Kruse has a lot to say, and he’s charismatic.  He may be brilliant but I can’t understand him and I can’t afford his requisite labs and consults.  He slams science, as if it’s his enemy.  I’m a scientist.  In doing this he disparages my upbringing, my beliefs, and my work.

I did CT.  I did it for 2 months.  I froze my bloody ass off nearly every day for 2 months.  Yes, it helps with your blood sugar…so does exercise and anything else that utilizes stored energy to achieve homeostasis.  Exercise is less unpleasant.  And CT did NOT help me with mood, hormones, sex drive…it did NOT decrease my appetite…it did NOT result in weight loss.  It was a pain in the ass, it was uncomfortable, and it didn’t help.  Maybe it helps some people…but does it help them more than riding a bike at a moderate pace for 30 minutes a day? Dunno…no science to back it up.  It’s all just anecdotes.

And about those anecdotes.  How come there aren’t more success stories?  How come the “success stories” part of the Kruse forum doesn’t include many new entries – only one or two a month?  I intentionally overlooked this when I started CT, rationalizing that all the success stories would be coming soon…after people had been doing it a while.  But where are they?  There aren’t many.

I’m sure if anyone reads this I’ll ruffle some feathers.  No one wants to hear that their guru is less than perfect.  I wouldn’t have wanted to read something like this 2 or 3 months ago.

I think grains are bad.  I’m eating a 95% grain free diet.  So is my daughter and my husband.  I imagine we’ll continue that.  I think seafood is generally good.  I’ll keep including it in my diet.  It’s not a cure-all though.  I don’t feel smarter, my memory hasn’t improved, and I don’t have cravings for raw fish heads because “intuitively” my body knows I need more.

I don’t know if adrenal fatigue is real.

I do suspect I’m close to menopause and I plan to continue with BHRT as long as I can afford the $125 a month plus labs and doctor’s visits.  Then again, maybe I’ll just start exercising. That used to make me feel great.  Is it possible Jack Kruse was wrong about exercise?  Maybe I shouldn’t have put it on hold back in February, until further notice.

I’m not happy in my life right now. Anyone who reads this who knows anything about me would know that this isn’t just about Kruse or Paleo or CT.  I’m just not happy.  That’s why I’m spouting off on the internet.  But that doesn’t negate the fact that I’m just not seeing results.

So I’m done with this.

This blog may or may not continue.

I don’t know what’s next.

I suspect I’m still looking for health, and I’ll probably continue this blog in that pursuit.  Maybe I’ll be like the people on Facebook who record how many steps they climbed that day or how many pounds they lifted.  Maybe I’ll let you watch as I try the next diet du jour.

I don’t know what I’m going to do, but I do know I’m done with this phase of my quest for health.

15 thoughts on “Done

  1. I can only tell you what happened to me.

    I started out a few years ago at 346lb. Ths was after chugging colas all day long. I was eating wheat, etc. When I stopped the cola, I dropped to 300lbs. I’m pretty sure I bounced between there at 310lbs.

    I started the LRx last Winter when I discovered Kruse. I had subciinical hypothyroidsm, adrenal fatigue, palpitations, brain fog, panic attacks, etc, etc. FBG was in the 90’s. Low DHEA, T was in the 200’s.I have always preferred rice over wheat. I only ate wheat on the weekends. My vitamin d was 7. I also had Delayed Phase Sleep Disorder.

    I discovered Kruse.

    I started with the leptin reset–ketogenic paleo. I dropped to the 280’s by February to early March. My DPSD was gone. My wife was amazed that I was getting up at normal hours. I started doing a little CT. In Middle March, I dropped to 275lbs. My TSH dropped from 7.87 to 4.23. My FBG was down to 90 (it was bounicng in the 80’s on the glucometer). My DHEA, Testosterone all rose to the low end of “normal” My PCP was amazed. Around April, I dropped to 275lbs. the water was too warm, and I didn’t feel like hauling ice so I stopped doing CT during the summer.

    By June, I was 265lbs. — by this time I was eating fruit and dairy. I only lost maybe 1/2 a pound a week while eating regular paleo (not keto)

    By September, I was around 257 or 8 ish. I didn’t lose much weight over the summer months–maybe 10lbs. My DHEA / T didn’t improve at all over the summer, but then I wasn’t using CT. My TSH dropped into the 2’s. My cortisol was at the low end of normal. My sleep was getting lousy (again)

    Now I’m 247lbs. Been doing CT for 3 solid weeks. Sleep is much better/deeper again. My adrenal fatigue symptoms (getting tired mid-morning / afternoon) are gone (again).

    So here’s my take on it.

    My weight loss is not bad. I was expecting lose more and quicker. When he said his kid/nephew lost 60lbs in 9 weeks, I was motivated. I only lose about 1.5lbs a week doing “Everything” right. If I just eat Keto PaleoLRX, I lose at most 1lb a week. If I eat Paleo with carbs, no more than 1/2lb a week.

    From LRx: My Thyroid, DPSD, Chest pain from adrenal problems, are basically fixed. My fatty liver is gone. I don’t usually get carb cravings (I noticed when I stopped eating almonds (magnesium rich, I got some…adding Mg fixed it).
    My adrenal fatigue only improves with CT (not LRx). So I am grateful for that, and it adds a small kick to weight loss. Kruse says CT is cumulative, so I’ll see what happens since I am going to do it consistently until my March blood work (I get it every 6 months for free)

    I think Kruse though exaggerates too much on how well his stuff works. I thought he was misleading when he bragged about his weight loss, but didn’t mention he was doing deep CT (need spotters/dangerous) and Epi-Paleo until a long time after he posted. It’s a bit misleading.
    And yes, he’s only available to rich folk, it seems. I’m not saying a person shouldn’t get paid for their time, but he’s way out of league for too many people which is unfortuante.

  2. ..and I forgot to mention, I carb up every weekend…I eat sweet potatoes, white rice occasional, fruit, milk, cheese, etc on weekends…I only eat keto 5 days a week…so I’d assume my weight loss would have been quicker if I did full time keto, but I want to remain sane during the process, so a 80/20 Keto Paleo / regular paleo (Chris Kresser says white rice doesn’t have lectins after I hold by that position) is what I do. I still never eat wheat, MSG, or O6.

  3. email me your labs I will take a look for free! Something is definitely off. So maybe Kruse doesn’t have all the answers but he’s better than most. Does he bash science? Not really. Only bad science. Hes definitely going the scientific route (crosschecking with labs, monitoring progress ).
    Note that he doesn’t really make money from you getting labs.

    You just need to take a look at Gary Taubes book or talk to realize how awful all the “dietary recommendations” are. So while you may not be there yet but you would definitely be worse off with grains. Is your HSCRP not getting better on CT and more seafood? I know mine did. Of all the foods I eat I have the least brain fog with seafood. That’s a fact. But the other emotional issues it has not helped so far. So I know how down you feel. Especially with work being a stressor. You just want to have a “normal” life and it seems like its unattainable.

    Once your inflammation levels are down why cant you exercise? He is not against exercise. He does recommend HIIT. Good luck whatever you decide to pursue.

  4. I understand your frustration. I still think Jack is right in about 99% of what he says. He’s just difficult to understand sometimes. I know you’ve been reading my journal on his site so you know I finally uncovered the core of my weight problem… reverse T3 is too high. Now I’m struggling with the cytomel (syn t3) because my doc/PA don’t really understand the whole thing.

    I hate to see you give up. Jack was my very last hope. I’ve tried damn near everything else. All I can say is you cannot expect health issues that have taken many years to form to go away over night. I have gained weight on everything I tried until I found Jack. By sticking with the leptin Rx my weight gain has stopped. That is a real miracle.

    Now that I’m on track to fix my hypothyroidism I am confident that the weight will, sooner or later, go away.

    I would encourage you to come back to his forum, start your journal over there and do as so many others are doing. Post the mundane stuff, your questions your concerns. His little community has a lot of good people who are struggling just as you are.

    Jack is not the be-all to end-all as far as weight loss/optimal health goes. But he’s really honest about trying to help people. come back and try again.

  5. Thanks for telling your story to me. I’m really glad you’ve found success with this method. No doubt you’re not alone. I’m just not among you. 🙂

  6. I’ve read Taubes’ books – he’s the one who actually inspired me to goPaleo in the first place. I’m certainly not going back to the SAD. Not sure what’s next. Thanks for the offer to look at my labs. I may take you up on that.

  7. I’ve thought about starting a journal there…And I may. I’ll keep reading yours either way…it’s the best one over there. 🙂

  8. Yes, for about 6 months. Got discouraged with the lack of progress and started adding back a few things I’d been missing around September. Even now I only eat starchy foods like that 1-2 times a week. It hasn’t made a difference.

  9. Brett its a pain to be paleo when you are busy working. But you do it anyways because you want to be healthy. Then after a few months you want to feel better. Its not just about weight loss. you want more energy. If you are feeling sad (just go back and see her blog entries) and depressed all the time its not an easy fight. Hopefully someone in some blog will figure out a way to balance the neuro transmitters. I keep looking. In the meanwhile seafood really helps maintain current levels from deteriorating.

  10. I can identify with how you’re feeling. I think this is the problem with a ‘guru’… they are only human after all. I took some key things from Kruse and moved on, and feel fortunate that I only had one consult before the price went up. The ’email consult’ was a joke. I’ve actually had more improvement by working with a naturopath in my area, which is good because 1) he takes insurance, and 2) he knows me and he treats me as a whole person, not just a collection of labs, and 3) he’s willing to ‘work’ with me on things and solve problems with me at my own pace.

    For me, I still do CT once/week. I find that it really helps keep the joint pain in check. Now would that happen with regular exercise? Not sure. Not there yet, but soon.

    Also I am experimenting with nutritional ketosis. That’s the only time I’ve ever felt on top of the world… when I’ve been in ketosis. And eating 50 grams of protein at breakfast is NOT helpful (as Kruse says we must do) because my body turns extra protein into glucose and this one thing I think prevented me from making progress.

    I’ve lost 23 pounds since July, which is quite slow, but better than I was doing last year at this time. I weigh a lot more than you do.

    I sometimes get so tired of all of the fighting, the researching, that I just have to relax and take a break from it. My ‘breaks’ are not eating SAD, just like you said. After this resting I then have some renewed energy to go farther. I think it’s important not to burn yourself out on things and above all not to put all of your stock into one person or method. Most likely, a combination of things will be the right way for you… and only you will figure it out, not a guru! I guess I’m starting to figure out that I’m my own guru. It’s kind of empowering!

  11. Awesome, Kim! Thanks for letting me know how this has gone for you. I hope to find a doc I can work with. Haven’t been too lucky in that regard thus far, but there are certainly more options in California. Please keep in touch with me and let me know how your journey progresses. 🙂

  12. I have been chasing a healthy body for 11 years… Don’t give up on new things. Every failure has taught me something and made me better to some extent.

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