Stumbling Along

Diet continues to suffer.  I practically ate standard American diet food yesterday.  Breakfast and dinner were fine but I kept getting very hungry (low blood sugar hungry) during the day.  It was so intolerable that I actually ate “food” out of a vending machine.  My ability to plan and pay attention to details right now is really compromised.  I’m going to do the best I can and try to just forgive myself and move forward.

  • Today’s weight: 184.6 (incredibly and oddly stable the last few days)
  • Fasting blood glucose: 109 (yikes)
  • Breakfast today: Cod cooked in butter. 

My face is broken out in several pimples.  I don’t know if it’s the BHRT or if it’s stress.  Either way, I’m not pleased.

Off to visit family today and tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Stumbling Along

  1. You should probably cook seafood in olive oil. Remember sat fat retards absorption of DHA. Pimples could be a hormone issue. Never have pimples when ketogenic myself. Skin is much better on ketogenic. Also keep an eye on nuts. maybe you are taking in too much omega6.

  2. I agree with everything you’re saying. I’m tackling so many stressful issues that my diet has taken a back seat, unfortunately. Thanks for the reminders. I can’t wait till I care about this again! When that day comes I will know things have settled down somewhat.

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