Asthma and PMS

I went to my PCP because of my never-ending coughing and wheezing last week.  I have asthma (diagnosed 11 years ago), and I wasn’t sure if I had a bug or if I was having an allergic reaction to something.  The doc’s approach?  She gave me a steroid inhaler and some antibiotics and a cup to spit some phlegm into the next morning for the lab to analyze.  I used the inhaler and things started getting better right away. Threw away the antibiotics and the lab cup.  If I had just been someone who didn’t know anything about intestinal flora I would have just taken the antibiotic (which it turned out I didn’t need at all) and not questioned anything, and then had to deal with a gut imbalance for however long going forward, and all the implications that go with that.  Stupid medical establishment.  Thanks for the inhaler though.

I’m definitely in the throes of PMS.  I hate it.  I keep telling myself to just not think – keep distracting myself – because none of it is real.  The hatred I feel toward some people right now…not real.  The despair I feel about my job right now…well, that might be real, but it becomes overwhelming when I’m “hormonal”.  Just get through the day.  Just get through the day.  Actually watched TV last night.  For like 3 hours.  An effort to distract myself.  It worked.

Here’s a thought I had yesterday.  Maybe the stress associated with having “horrible”  hormonal balance actually increases cortisol.  I mean, when my Pg and E2 are off I feel angry, sad, and anxious.  Maybe by getting my hormones in order I’ll also be able to get my adrenals in order.  I know it’s not as simple as all that.  I still need to learn to manage psychological stress better.  But man…that would be a good start.

Speaking of anger and toxic emotions, I’m a little annoyed at Dr. K. today.  In the comments of his latest blog post he’s now saying that coconut oil is NOT for everyone and that saturated fats should not be eaten all the time – not because of heart-clogging properties, but because it competes in your body with DHA, and you want DHA to be the winner.  I understand that his theory is probably evolving as he does all of these blog posts and consults.  And I wish he could just say that…that his theory is evolving as he learns more.  But instead he says he’s known this for the last 7 years…”  And when people ask him to resolve the discrepancies between his statements now and those made months ago he says something passive like, “Well it depends on your labs.”

I feel sometimes like he’s my crazy genius uncle who shows up drunk to Thanksgiving every now and then.  Gotta love the man, and I respect his intellect and his efforts very much.  But, like everyone, he’s not perfect.

7 thoughts on “Asthma and PMS

  1. I added a bunch of fish back in my diet after a hiatus of just eggs and meat and weight loss accelerated. DHA must be helping.

  2. Meant to say that once Our Vit D levels were at the top range, both dh =level176 (who is severe asthmatic from youth) and I have had NO asthma this winter.DH hasn’t taken any preventatives & nor have I. He had beginnings of a cold (from extensive cold exposure over 1 week)which has left him with a residual cough. Had 3 pkts lypo spheric vit c daily for 2 weeks and it has never developed any further-which is nothing short of amazing- first no asthma winter for him ever!

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