The apathy has been creeping in.  It may be a hormonal flux…if I didn’t ovulate this cycle I would have no progesterone in my system (because ovulation actually releases the progesterone into the body).  No ovulation = no progesterone.  No progesterone = estrogen goes unchecked.  Estrogen goes unchecked = weeping, moodiness, bloating.  When estrogen also gets low (toward the end of the cycle…like now…), that’s when I get things like hot flashes, poor sleep, and the mood goes from weepy to angry.

This all used to be a lot more predictable.  Now I have mood swings all through the month.  It’s great.

The PA didn’t call or write.  I sent her another email yesterday.  She’s not awesome.  If she doesn’t get in touch with me on Monday I’ll call her on Tuesday.   I’m being a pest, I know…but I don’t really care.  I’m her customer and she needs to do what she said she would do.

Got our Paleo Bread yesterday.  It took the company 3 weeks to get it to us, despite charging us for 2nd day air shipping.  I get that they’re a new company and and probably working the bugs out of their production and shipping line.  But still…3 weeks?  Anyway, it’s not bad.  It tastes like bread.  Like the kind of thin, slightly too firm kind of bread they serve appetizers on at a fancy restaurant.  But still like bread!   No preservatives – only like 8 ingredients, all of which are real food.  My daughter thinks it’s great with peanut butter and jelly.   So despite the expense and the wait, it’s a good product.  I recommend it.

My husband received his email consult results from Dr. K.  Basically he recommended every lab that he would have gotten anyway, and some reading material from his blog.  It was fine…basically told me that nothing really stood out to him as obviously wrong.  So at some point in the near future he’ll follow up with labs and the follow-up consult.

I’ve been sneaking cheese back into my diet again.  A couple ounces yesterday and an ounce or so the day before.  I think that’s the part of this plan that I have the most trouble with – the no cheese.

Oh well… guess I’ll go play with baby for now before she starts doing back flips off the couch to get my attention.

Looking forward to caring about things again.

2 thoughts on “Apathy

  1. N2P – I was so excited to see this recipe that I’m making it right now! I’ll report how it turns out.

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