So what’s been going on the last two days?

The Good (I’m really excited about the Good):

  • I found a physician’s assistant (PA) that does BHRT using the Wiley Protocol.  Her office is about 2 hours away from me  The best part about it is that she’s covered under my insurance!  I didn’t expect that.  Maybe this won’t be as expensive as I thought it would be.  The other awesome part is that I have an appointment scheduled for Tuesday.  I don’t know yet if she has a problem doing BHRT for someone who is still menstruating (Dr. K thought this might be an obstacle for me).  I do have an email in to her so I hope to hear back before I make the trek over there.  I’m glad I put a hold on the CT – if new labs are ordered I want them to be real…not swimming with estrogen from detox.  In fact, I may not have stopped soon enough.
  • Stressors are gradually exiting my life. We just got rid of a car I didn’t like (it was a gas hog) and bought a used Prius.  Yeah!  Sell house – check.  Sell car – check.  Find more time in the day to get things done – check.  Start doing yoga – hm…maybe today.  Get consulting work done – er…avoid.
  • My food journal has been really helpful.  The most useful part is the checking in an hour or two after eating to see how I’m feeling.  I didn’t used to do that, and now I’m identifying patterns I might have missed before.  Examples:  Dairy = GI issues, I’m tired after most meals, regardless of the quality of food (hello, adrenal fatigue), and green tea makes me hungry.  Hm.  Very interesting.
  • Got the Hormones webinar working over at Dr. Kruse’s site.  It’s really pretty chock full of information.  Haven’t had time to listen to the whole thing yet.  Maybe today during Baby’s nap.

The Bad

  • My blood sugar started climbing again as soon as I stopped doing CT.  It’s now over 100 again.
  • I’ve really started paying attention to the ways in which I’ve come to accommodate adrenal fatigue.  I just take a caffeine pill every day…as if that’s normal.  IT’S NOT NORMAL TO NEED STIMULANTS IN ORDER TO FUNCTION.  Oh sorry…didn’t mean to yell.  Sometimes I have to yell at myself because I can be…well…a little avoidant.  Also, the hypoglycemia that I’ve been battling for the last few years – another symptom of adrenal fatigue.  I used to just eat my way through it and now I’m trying very hard not to snack.  I think the CT may really help with this, in the long term, and I’m looking forward to getting back to it.  I also need to learn to manage stress…first of all by staying away from stressors, and secondly by dealing with it better when it’s unavoidable.  Currently I do neither.
  • I started chugging green tea (as Dr. Kruse recommended to me)…but I started feeling hungry all the time.  Like, 2-3 hours after my BAB I’m getting hungry.  I don’t  understand it.  I had the same experience when I was drinking coffee…and I’m pretty sure it was high quality coffee.  Nobody else I know gets hungry from drinking coffee and drinking tea.  Why do I?  I don’t know.  I asked Dr. Kruse on his forum why this might be and the answer was “stimulates cortisol.”  Hm…well, caffeine pills don’t do this to me, so it’s not the caffeine.  I don’t know…but I know I don’t like it.  Avoid.  I’ll probably go back to drinking water and take yet another supplement in the form of green tea extract.  What the hell…what’s one more pill.
  • Still having a weird reaction to putting a hold on CT.  Hot flashes and sweating mostly, but also crying about things I don’t normally cry about.  It is 100 degrees here so I don’t know how much that’s contributing…but my temperature regulation definitely appears to be off.  It’s like my body is saying, “I’m ready to go!  Where’s the water!”

Time to go and enjoy the 5 more minutes of me-time before Baby wakes up.

I’m really excited about Tuesday!  I hope the PA will work with me.

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. So far great blog. I can’t drink green tea either. Gives me blood sugar crash which makes me hungry. I am guessing because it encourages adrenals to work. I’m ok w coffee and other teas. So you’re not alone! Kind of stinks. Green tea is supposed to be so good for you! Oh well.

  2. We just discovered that coffee raises our fasting blood sugar from 83 to about 100. Stopped the coffee and switched to matcha green tea and fasting blood sugar normalize in 3 days for me, 5 days for my wife. I presume caffeine pills would have the same effect…

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