Planning My Way Out of a Hole

No CT yesterday.  I even iced the tub and then didn’t get in.  I felt worn out.  I think I was having a detox reaction to the colder-than-usual bath the night before.  I was also feeling moody, tired, and a little like I might be getting a cold.  So no CT.  Instead I ate dairy, drank alcohol, and did other silly things I shouldn’t do.  Oh well, back on track today, as best I can.  I’m going to my parent’s house for the night, which will make things a little challenging.  So no CT again today.  Back to the tub on Sunday.

I was feeling discouraged yesterday.  Detox and the end of my period may explain my poor mood.  Still, I’m going to need to see more results soon.  I think what I need is a plan.  Things feel open ended and unsettled right now.

Dr. Kruse visited my blog and recommended CT and lifting weights.  Specifically, he said, “The answer is simple……embrace the Cold and begin to lift heavy things with low low reps. Real heavy things.”   I’m doing the CT and I’m not lifting weights yet.  I can’t really complain until I take the advice I’ve been given.  So that’s task #1.  Get the weight lifting ball rolling.  That will happen this weekend.  I have plenty of time to learn to do this while on the road today, and I’ll implement it Sunday when I get home.

Task #2:  Keep doing the Leptin Reset and CT until….when?  Well, I think I’ll do them for another month…let’s say till the end of July.  Then I’ll have 3 months of cold baths under my belt.  At that point I’m going to take a few weeks off from the CT so I’m not detoxing, and then I’m going to get more testing done.  Testing will take about a few weeks, to make sure things are timed properly.  My cycle is not regular right now so I can’t plan ahead with that.  I’ll just have to make sure the hormone tests are done on the correct day of my cycle, whenever that is that month. At this point I’ll have gone 2 months with no progesterone supplementation, so hopefully things will have normalized and I can get a good sense of where I’m at naturally.

The tests I’d like to get are a lipid panel including a VAP test, hormone panel, thyroid panel, Vitamin D, and HS-CRP, and cortisol testing (4x/day).  All of this will be expensive, considering my doc is not at all helpful in this respect.  I asked her at one point for the VAP test and I think she didn’t know what it was.  She nodded like she was ordering it, but then it didn’t get ordered.

Have to go.  The road calls.

2 thoughts on “Planning My Way Out of a Hole

  1. Hey! Thank you for this blog, I’ve been following you closely and its a big help as I try doing my own Leptin Reset . I saw your CT face dunking set up with the air cast equipment am thinking of trying the same thing. So I’d like to know if it worked for you and if you’ve compared it to the water face dunking?

  2. Hi Jen,

    I actually didn’t love the air cast thing. I used it twice and then did the face dunking to compare, and I really liked the way the face dunking felt. It is actually a really nice experience (I know that sounds weird, but I liked it!). When I did the dunking I used a nose clip – that was really key as far as enjoying it – and after about a week of holding my breath I started to use a snorkel so I could stay under longer. Dr. Kruse says it’s better to hold your breath. Someone asked him in his “Ask Jack” forum why that is. His answer was, “Because cold environments exist on earth only in places where oxygen tensions are low……the bottom of the ocean and the top of the world on mountains.” So I guess in the interest of keeping it real it’s better to hold your breath..but as far as cold adapting I liked the snorkel. 🙂

    Good luck – keep me updated!

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