Collecting Data and Refining the Diet

CT yesterday was 30 minutes at 50 deg F.  It was fair.  I’d give it a 3 out of 5.  Being 2 days further in my luteal phase than the last CB (which felt too frigid to finish), there’s not a lot of support for the idea so far that cold tolerance decreases as a woman gets closer to getting her period (which finally showed up late yesterday, by the way…17 days late…).

Mood yesterday was fine.  I’m excited to be collecting data on all this stuff now.  After a few months I’ll have loads of cool graphs to post.  I now collect data on all kinds of stuff using Bento for the iPad (the app is on sale for only $5 till the end of July!).  Here’s what I’m currently collecting data on:

  • Hours of sleep
  • Sleep quality
  • Mood
  • Energy Level
  • AM Satiety
  • PM Satiety
  • Caffeine intake
  • Whether I ate any of the following: Dairy, sugar, grains, alcohol, snacks, MSG, or nightshades
  • Whether or not I had my BAB
  • Meal contents
  • Reactions after meals: (pain, apathy/depression, bloating/gas/GI distress, anxiety/irritability, tired/sleepy, cravings)
  • Whether or not I have my period or PMS
  • CT (duration, rating (1-5) of the experience, core temp before, water temp)

I wish my whole life was studying nutrition and health and collecting data.  That’s how much I like it.  Ok, and having a family too.

Found out yesterday my favorite pastured pork chops from the farmer’s market are slathered in MSG.  I should have known because they’re so good and they come pre-seasoned.  Fortunately they stamp the ingredients right on the paper wrapping…there it was..the 5th ingredient…monosodium glutamate.  Didn’t even try to hide it under the guise of “Natural Flavors”.  I was in the middle of cooking them up when I realized it…and told myself, “Well, having it one more time won’t hurt…” but then I got over it and didn’t eat them.  Won’t be buying those again.  It’s ok, really…I should be eating more seafood anyway.  But really…where else is this crap hiding?  My diet is becoming very simple these days. The next thing I’ll probably be giving up is the chicken I’ve been eating. This stuff isn’t organic, but it’s not really conventional either, and it says no hormones/antibiotics/MSG, etc. I should probably just stick to grass fed meat, eggs, wild-caught seafood, veggies, and fat…and be done with it.  It’s lacking in variety, but if the processing behind these foods is what’s keeping me from losing weight I need to eliminate them.

So that’s it then.  No more processed food till I figure out what’s up with my body.  It’ll be difficult in some social situations, but I’ll just have to figure it out.

5 thoughts on “Collecting Data and Refining the Diet

  1. Anyone who loves you will want you to take care of yourself. . . everyone benefits when we have health. Don’t let the social stuff phase you. . . if you don’t worry about it, no one else will! 🙂

  2. So far, here is the list of naughties that will screw up weight loss and have evidence of leptin resistance:

    Lectins (often found in legumes)
    Sugar/Fructose (especially in excess)
    Omega-6 fats and oils (in excess of a proper 4:1 o6:03 ratio)
    Alcohol (similarly to Sugar/Fructose)
    Artifical light (after dark / messed up circadian rhythm)
    Stimulants/Drugs like Ritalin, Amphetamines

  3. I’d also add things that trigger autoimmune reactions to those that are sensitive.

  4. Hm…going down that list, I don’t do/use much of that at all any more (except MSG, apparently, which sneaks in…) A glass of wine every few months (not on CT days)…and I do use electronics up till bed time, but have no trouble with sleep, and get about 8 hours most nights. Good list…thanks. I don’t think I know much about autoimmune reactions. I have a feeling I’ll be learning.

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