Hormones, Parenting, and No CT

I skipped CT last night.  I felt tired all day yesterday and after a long day of driving, socializing, and toddler-care, didn’t want to do anything resembling being responsible.  So I watched a not-bad movie about food addiction, and then went to bed.  I barely had the energy to get under the covers.   Serious fatigue.  The hormonal madness wasn’t over yet either…had a fight with my husband (94% my fault).  At least it was short.  Unfortunately I think I inadvertently taught my daughter to curse.  It really sucks, losing it like that.  I’m trying to get my health in order as much for her as for me.  More, actually.

I baked up a couple pounds of cod yesterday and ate it for dinner and also breakfast today.  I has about 1/3 as much omega 3 oil as salmon, so I may not be buying it much in the future, but I had it already thawed and ready to go.  Anything to boost my cold tolerance.  I suspect the problem I had a couple days ago is less about omega 3s and more about hormones, though – specifically, low progesterone.  That’s what causes all the mood symptoms associated with PMS, right?  I really need to fix this hormone issue.  It’s affecting my relationships, and my ability to enjoy my life and my job. That’s how much these few days a month sucks.

I’m also feeling very deprived of alone-time and time for things I think are fun and relaxing.  It seems very much like I have too much to do – all work and no play makes Lanie a dull girl. Not sure what to do about that.

Baby’s tugging at arm to go do a puzzle with her.

Gotta go.

Any parents reading this?  At what point in a child’s development does a parent get their life back a little?

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