The MSG Rant Continues, Grass Fed Meat, and Cold Baths

Well, there isn’t a pickle in my entire town that doesn’t have MSG in it.  Too bad…we like pickles around here.  No wonder we like them so much.

Got an order in from US Wellness Meats yesterday…Mmmmmm grass fed bacon.  That’s seriously good stuff.  Also got liverwurst in an effort to get organ meat into my diet.  It’s really good!  My 2-year old loves it.  Score!

CT yesterday was a 40 min CB at 50 deg F.  It felt great.  I’ve noticed I’m starting to be able to tell when a cold bath is going to feel good and when it’s going to feel cold and crappy.  Like, my body feels different – fuller, warmer, maybe? – when it’s going to feel good.  If I feel a little cold or a little “empty” (regardless of what I’ve eaten) it doesn’t tend to feel so good.  This is hardly scientific, but it’s a start to making CT more predictable.  I’d say it feels good about 3/4 of the time.  About 1/4 of the time it’s very hard to get in and I start feeling uncomfortable sooner.

Felt good all day yesterday, eating at home, everything grass fed/pastured/homemade.  Mood was good, and felt energetic.

Stupid MSG.

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