My Program

CT yesterday was 35 minutes submerged in 50 deg F.  It was fine.  I don’t love the 10-15 minutes of shivering afterward, which persists, but I guess that’s really not that bad. Water temp at the end was 54 deg, as was my skin temp.

I thought I’d take a  minute today to talk about exactly what I’m doing these days…food, exercise, CT, supplements, just as sort of a road marker.


Here’s a typical day for me:

  • BAB: 9-10 oz of meat, hot tea with 1 TBS coconut oil.  I try to make the meat grass fed beef or pastured chicken/pork, but that doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes it’s meat from the grocery store that says “No Hormones, No Antibiotics…EVER!”  and says “Vegetarian Fed” (which is the biggest crock of shit ever…the implication is clearly that the animal eats grass, but “Vegetarian Fed” could include grains or any other non-meat product.  But I digress…)
  • Lunch: Salad of some kind.  Lunch is where things fall apart just a little for me.  My entire social life, outside my family, is having lunch with friends from work.  We live in a smallish town with not many dining options, so often lunch is often a taco salad minus the shell or a fast-food salad minus the croutons.  That wouldn’t be so bad at all, except I’m trying to avoid dairy and nightshades in order to heal my likely-to-be-leaky gut.  If you take off the dressing (dairy, chemicals, and who knows what else is in these silly restaurant salad dressing packets), the tomatoes, the onions, and the cheese, there’s not much left but lettuce.  Yes, I could eat plain lettuce with bad conventional meat on it…but geez.  That sounds yucky.  So I often go ahead and eat the cheese, onions, tomatoes, and dressing.  So not the best meal of the day for me.  On the weekends and days off lunch looks a lot like breakfast only smaller, and sometimes a square of dark chocolate is thrown in for novelty.
  • Dinner – usually some kind of meat and veggies.  Shrimp sauteed in butter (hm…more dairy) with broccoli, or chicken and mushrooms, etc.  In other words, just like breakfast only smaller and with some vegetables added (usually).  Sometimes I have some coconut butter also, if the dinner itself didn’t have much fat and I know I’ll be doing CT later in the evening.  Love that stuff.

And that’s it for eating.  No snacks unless something went wrong and I’m hungry for some weird reason in the middle of the day.  For example, once in a while I will get a burst of good intentions and eat only the lettuce and chicken for lunch…then about 4 hours later I’m starting to get really hungry, and I still have 1.5 hours before I’m home for dinner.  Usually if this happens I’ll just pound some water and try to make it through to dinner, but occasionally I just can’t deal with the stress of feeling hungry and I’ll eat some macadamia nuts to tide me over.  Nuts are not ideal for treating a leaky gut (nor is snacking, in general) – I think this has happened 4 or 5 times since I started the Leptin Rx back in February.


Here’s what I’m taking every day and why:

  • Magnesium L-Threonate: 48mg.  The standard dose is 3 capsules…I’m currently taking one with the plan to titrate up to the full dose.  I just started taking this 1-2 weeks ago.  Prior to that I was taking Mag Oxide (cuz I didn’t know better.)  Reason for taking:  Many people (probably me included) are deficient in Magnesium and it’s anti-inflammatory.
  • Vitamin K2: 45 mcg – Reason for taking: To increase insulin sensitivity, raise sex hormones, and improve bone metabolism.
  • Potassium: 99mg – Reason for taking: I was having heart palpitations a couple weeks ago and read that low-carb diets can result in important minerals (like potassium) being lost easily because the body retains less fluid, sometimes resulting in symptoms including heart palpitations.  Also, I’m not eating a lot of high-potassium foods.  Since I added this my heart is happier.
  • Vitamin D3: 12,000 IU/day: Reason for taking: increased immune response.
  • Krill Oil: 500mg 1x per day.  I know I should probably increase this to 3x per day, but I usually forget to take it except in the morning. I think I probably make up for this by eating wild-caught seafood at least 5 times/week. Reason for taking: Improved O6/O3 ratio.
  • L-Glutamine: 500mg/day.  Reason for taking: improved intestinal health.
  • B-complex with Vitamin C: The various B vitamins vary in dose.  Vitamin C is 150mg/day.  Reason for taking: I won’t try to summarize the benefits of B vitamins, as there are many.  Suffice it to say they’re good if you have a tendency toward depression (as I do), and are important to other metabolic processes.  They’re also important if you’re experiencing detox symptoms from CT.
  • DIM – 100mg/day. Reason for taking: to aid in estrogen metabolism so I’m not so darn cranky.  My mood is definitely improved when I take this.  I’m almost nice now.  DIM is also found in broccoli, which I eat several times a week, in addition.
  • Caffeine: 100-200mg/day, in pill form:  Reason for taking: I like the alert, awake feeling it gives me.  Sure, I could function without it.  But I’m happier with more pep in my step.  Is it so wrong?


  • Lifting Heavy Things: I’ve been meaning to start a weight-lifting program…and I haven’t yet.  I can’t seem to find the time to read the book I have that will tell me what I have to do.  I just need to skim it really, and find that part that says, “Here’s what you do:”  and skip all the theory.  I actually used to like lifting weights at one time, so I’m not intentionally avoid it.  That’s it…I’ll start today.  Will report back tomorrow.
  • Cardio – I stopped doing cardio when I found out it can increase cortisol when you’re Leptin Resistant, thus working against you.  I do go for walks with my daughter several times a week and I’m generally very active – I don’t do much sitting around.  But no cardio right now.  I don’t miss it.  It’s nice not feeling guilty about not doing cardio.  That right there has undone a pattern of guilt and self-flagellation that was in place much of my adulthood.


  • What I’m doing: Currently it’s 30-40 minutes of 50-deg F baths, 6-7 times a week.  I worked my way down to this, not by following the protocol that Dr. Kruse outlined, but my doing my own program because I’m rebellious that way.  I did start with face dunking, as he recommends, and then went right to cold baths, starting around 65 degrees and working my way down to 50.  If I could do it over, I would just do what he says to do.  My way was ok, but there are scientific and medical reasons for what he recommends, even though he doesn’t spell that all out.  I feel like I may have wasted some time doing the 60-65 degree baths for about month, when I should have just used ice and colder temps for a shorter duration.  Really, 65 degrees is just as hard in the beginning as 50 degrees, but without as many health benefits.  But whatever.  I got there just the same.  I think results might be faster his way though. The really important thing is just to do it…however you’re willing to tolerate it.
  • My method: Currently I have a 150-gal stock tub that I got used from some farmer (probably about $250 new).  It lives in my basement.  It’s filled about 2/3 of the way full with water that I change out once a week or so.  Our tap water is about 65 degrees, so I cool the water down with frozen gallons of water that I freeze in an upright freezer.  It takes about an hour for 10 gallons to cool the water in the tub down to about 53.  I then pour the water that melted inside the jugs into the tub to get it down to 50 degrees.  When I’m in the tub the water is displaced so that it’s almost full – about 2 inches from the rim.


Here’s why I keep doing this:

  • My obsession with food is over, as long as I have the BAB in the morning.  This was never more clear than when I went on vacation a couple weeks ago and didn’t have the BAB every day.  I was right back in the old pattern of thinking about food all the time, snacking, eating junk, feeling depressed and lethargic.  The BAB is key for my mental and physical health…at least, right now.  I LOVE being off the diet roller coaster.
  • My fasting blood glucose has dropped 30 points since I started.
  • So far, I’ve lost about 8 pounds.  That’s not much, and it’s not enough, but at least I stopped the gaining/self-hatred cycle.
  • Improved Energy:  I can do all the things my life demands now, with greater concentration, enthusiasm, and energy.  I was so tired all the time, and now I’m only tired if I go to bed too late.

Those are the big things…the things that keep me going.  I hope to see greater results as time goes on.  I have a lot of un-doing ahead of me, as I was a pretty unhealthy person.


  • Eliminating all dairy and nightshades (and probably chocolate and caffeine too…).  I do notice my digestion is a little disrupted when I eat them.  Nothing I can’t live with, but I’m sure having a leaky gut is affecting me in ways I don’t know.
  • Starting to Lift Heavy Things.  Just need to do it.
  • Losing weight – I’m not losing enough.  I want this to be moving faster.  I have tracked my calorie intake and I’m eating around 2400 calories a day and losing slowly, and I should be happy with that, I suppose.  I don’t eat till full, and I try to eat to hunger, whenever possible.  I’ll just keep doing what I’m doing for now.

Let the journey continue!

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