Daily Update, June 6th.

CB last night was 49 deg F for 35 minutes.  Lately I’ve been using a combination of frozen gallon-jugs (5 of them) and a 22-lb bag of ice to drop the temps 12-15 degrees down to the low 50s.  I overshot a wee bit last night to 49.  Skin temps afterward were about 56, water temp was 54.   Core temps started at 97.6, dropped as low as 96.2, 25 minutes after leaving the water, and then climbed back up over the next hour and a half.  Shivering lasted about 10 minutes.  Being in the water felt great!  You know, after that inital 5 minutes.  Even that’s not so bad, really.  It’s not great, but it’s not so bad.

A few detox symptoms lately – a wee bit of moodiness, some GI stuff, some acne…and today a runny nose.  Nothing awful.  Weight has been down around 185.  Not terribly notable, except to say I didn’t gain anything over my vacation from ketogenic paleo while I was out of town.  Probably because we did a LOT of walking, which may have offset any issues with eating carbs (potatoes and rice, mostly, with some sugar on a couple days).

Blood sugar in the 90s today.  It’s definitely come back down again, after spiking when I started CT.  I’ll post a graph after the data is a little more visually compelling.

One thought on “Daily Update, June 6th.

  1. FYI: Q/A with Dr. Kruse:

    Dr. Kruse,

    Is it correct that the higher the C-RP, the more binds to leptin and prevents it from crossing the blood-brain barrier and entering the hypolthalmus? Do you see this as the main reason for weight loss stalling after starting CT from the detox increasing C-RP levels–and as the liver up regulates toxin clearance, C-RP drops and weight loss resumes?

    A: Yes. inflammation is a major problem. Read this recent article. It seems they are learning what I knew 7 yrs ago finally.


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