The Search Continues

CT last night was 30 minutes at 51 deg F.  The first 5 minutes was a little hard but then the rest was pretty delightful.  I took core temps before, during and after again.  They were as follows:

  • Before: 97.2
  • During: 98.9
  • 5 min after: 98.2
  • 10 min after: 97.1
  • 15 min after: 97.1
  • 20 min after: 97.2

So my core temp didn’t drop as much this time.  I wonder why.  Shivering afterward lasted only about 5 minutes.

I’ve decided I’m only taking baths in the low 50s F now.  I’ve worked my way down and I’m ready for it now, so doing anything warmer just doesn’t make sense – plus, warm temps are actually harder.  The search for a new (used) freezer is on…I have 3 Craigslist leads.  Hopefully one of them will pan out better than the last one.  The 1-liter bottles aren’t working for me.  It doesn’t get the water cold enough and it’s too much hassle.  Gallon jugs are a little better –  fewer things to bother with – but I need more of them to bring the temp down enough.

Must go for now.  Perhaps an update later.

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